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Published 4 years ago with 10 Comments

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  • KempfCreative (edited 4 years ago)

    Maybe my definition of RPG is limited by the fact that I grew up playing games like Ultima, FF, and Chrono Trigger, but some of this list seems like it doesn't belong. The one that jumps right out as being not an RPG is FTL. Simulation, strategy, turn-based...yes. But not what I consider an RPG.

    • Goronmon

      I think FTL has enough of the RPG tropes to qualify. I mean, when it comes down to it, simulations and RPGs have a lot of similarities. The main difference being that simulations get their rules from reality, where RPGs are based on artificial mechanics. And I think FTL definitely falls in the later category.

      Plus, I think one aspect of RPGs is about how they tell a story rather than just allow you to control a situation. FTL allows you to build stories in ways most RPGs don't.

      • eilyra

        While I tend to agree with /u/KempfCreative that FTL doesn't necessarily feel like it should belong, I agree that it does fit many of the RPG tropes. But that's kind of a problem with gaming genres in general, they're so broadly defined that the characteristics can vary so wildly that it can be hard to pinpoint which games belong in the same genre. This can be especially frustrating when it comes to lists like these or category listings on stores (e.g. Steam), because it can be quite jarring to be looking for something specific that fits within one's own definition and then encounter "bloat" because it's such a vast category.

      • KempfCreative

        Yea, I agree about the similarities between categories between Sim and RPG. Although, I feel like RPG elements have just been brought into every other genre, diluting the original definition of 'RPG'. Every game that comes out nowadays has some form of role playing added to it, even sports games and FPS (leveling up, character creation, deep storytelling).

        Here is where I draw the line: FTL is procedurally generated. While it does tell a great story, the story is based on an algorithm with some static pieces thrown in. In my mind, a true RPG draws you in by the talent of the director and the copywriters, and you become attached to the characters by the situations they have to get themselves out of. I never got that feeling from FTL (or a lot of those games on that list).

  • Autumnal

    Dark souls? Really? Out of all the RPG's for PC, dark souls? I mean, yeah, I enjoy that game, but the best?

    • Goronmon

      I don't think it's too hard to make the case for Dark Souls.

      It has some of the best combat in gaming. The environment is intricate and overall very well laid out. It has diverse leveling choices. There are storylines in-game and your actions can affect how characters interact with you and their place in the world. There are a lot of cool details built into the world itself, without requiring hours of cut-scene explanations. It's one of the few games where your progression of skill as a player has a direct and monumental impact on how successful you are in the game.

      • Autumnal

        Those are all pretty accurate, I'm probably just miffed because it's taken me years to get anywhere in that game. I should really attempt it again, thanks for talking it up.

      • AnusBlender

        One great thing about Dark Souls is that it feels fair. It's brutal, but fair. When you die it's usually because you messed up.

        It's frustrating when games don't play by their own rules, or they change the rules mid-game. Dark Souls is pretty consistent about what you can and can't do.

  • Distinguished

    Some of these games are great, i am however disappointed that mount and blade is not on that list.

  • cunt

    The first an only RPG i ever played was "The Oregon Trail" on the BBC Micro at school, that was a great and educational game. I wonder why kids now don't get RPG games to learn with

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