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Published 4 years ago with 6 Comments

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  • [Deleted Profile]

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  • FPSWalrus

    B2P is good but I haven't really seen a game out there I've fallen over with this model. The secret world was eh, guild wars while gorgeous and amazing... was super boring to me because of the lack of things going on. F2P is good also if you do it right (elsword,TF2)

  • Odd

    I'm a big fan of the B2P method a la GW2 and The Secret World and just paying for expansions as they come out. I don't mind a sub fee if there is good regular content, right now I'm playing FFXIV:ARR and have no problem with subbing to the game just due to the amount of content updates and the reasonably priced expansion. I would even pay for EVE again if I were to re-start playing just because I feel the value for money is there. My WoW sub lapsed not long after WoD launch because I felt the value for money wasn't there anymore and the upfront price of the expansion as well left me a bit jaded. F2P with a cash shop I just can't stand for some reason, I tend to find the gameplay becomes hindered at a certain point forcing you to end up subbing or using the cash shop. I must admit though that my experience with F2P mmos is pretty limited.

    • Goronmon (edited 4 years ago)

      Honestly, I think I would like GW2 more if they just charged a sub and put out better content. I haven't been too thrilled with the amount of content they have added to the game since release. And I feel things like WvW could have used a lot more work/support as well. And the prevalence of the cash shop has bothered me more and more as time has gone on.

      • Odd

        You know I actually agree with you there. I still prefer the B2P method but I definitely think ArenaNet dropped the ball a bit. The living world story just didn't keep my attention that much, and I don't like that you have to pay gems for it now, or at least part 1 I think they charge for. WvW was my jam though, it was the reason I played for as long as I did but it could have used some love earlier on to mix it up and keep it fresh for sure. I don't play much GW2 nowadays but I do like that I can just hop back on at anytime and pick up where I left off. Not sure if I'll grab the new expac straight away though.

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