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Published 6 years ago by GingerBreadMan with 2 Comments

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  • TheEnglishMajor

    Marketers will be able to look at a calendar with specific happenings like golf tournaments or awards shows as well as more general themes like back to school. The calendar lets brands plan months in advance.

    From a marketer's standpoint, this will be invaluable to small businesses still experimenting with social media advertising.

    From a user's standpoint... I'm not looking forward to the endless "Are you watching the #Superbowl? Come buy our completely unrelated product instead!" messages.

    • GingerBreadMan

      I feel you on that influx of irrelevant ads, but I would think that the Twitter algorithm or marketers trying to promote to you already know your purchasing behavior, so it would be something you are interested in already, just a bit unrelated to the event.

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