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Published 2 years ago with 4 Comments

We are still on fire!

Not my pictures. This is a local photographer. I posted them here because I know not everyone like facebook (me being one of them). Here is his page though: https://www.facebook.com/bruce.mccamish


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  • AdelleChattre

    No surprise, right? We all know what a tinderbox those woods always are are in late November. What with Fire Season only a month away, you all take care!

    • CrookedTale

      We have over 40 (+/-) forest fires right now and although they are not near me the smoke is really screwing with my sinuses. My wife and I were on these very same road in these pictures a week prior.

      • AdelleChattre (edited 2 years ago)

        I spend a while in and around Missoula, Montana every year. Not for nothing it’s smokejumper territory. Are you staying indoors? Running the air conditioning or an air filter? What about proper masks? Surgical masks won’t protect you. N95 or P100 respirator masks will, right? How old is your bourbon?

        • CrookedTale

          We have been staying indoors mostly. As for masks we have been provided with 1870 Particulate Respirators (surgical masks lol) . We have had to change out the air filters a bit early this month but they were not to bad. We have also been wishing for rain! The Bourbon is 7 years old, The rum a week old, we have a box of wine and 4 bottles of Paulaner October Fest left over from last month. So we are good through Thanksgiving.

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