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Published 5 years ago by ColdwaterQ with 4 Comments

Mobile vs desktop snapzu

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    Is there a difference in how snapzu looks on mobile vs how it looks on a desktop. Instructions don't seem to be describing the same site i'm seeing, and I haven't seen a tour yet which I thought would pop up somewhere.


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  • Moderator

    Please read the rules.

    To answer your question, the mobile version of the site doesn't show sidebars and certain features. Inconvenient, but a mobile API is coming and apps will follow. As for the tour, it's been disabled for the time being.

    • ColdwaterQ

      Thank you for your answers, this was very helpful. You say to read the rules though, I don't see a way I broke the rules so are you just saying that to make sure I did, or did I do something wrong?

      Thank you

      • Moderator (edited 5 years ago)

        Glad to help.

        Questions in this tribe require a question mark in the title. It's a quirky rule, but try to remember next time.

  • ColdwaterQ

    I viewed the source for the tribes page on my phone and the create tribe option doesn't show on my phone but it does in the source code. I assume this is a css bug so where do I report it?


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