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Published 5 years ago by Cobbydaler with 5 Comments

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  • kolekelley2

    They never did address what would be done if the system won't turn on.

    Are you just going to be ditched without a car?

    • picklefingers

      I'm sure it would function like a normal car if the system didn't turn on. That would be a huge error on the designers part if the system being off acted as a kill-switch.

      • Tawsix

        And yet when my oxygen sensor goes out on my vehicle, it says "Fuck it, I can't control your emissions so no driving for you!"

        Don't underestimate the stupidity of the auto industry. They are the masters of flawed design choices.

    • drunkenninja

      Definitely an interesting concept but I too am wondering what happens when this system stops working correctly.

  • Tawsix

    Though, one has to wonder why such a feature wouldn’t be included as a standard feature on any vehicle. It’s not like we’re talking about high-definition radio; this is something that could potentially save countless lives.

    You know what else could potentially save countless lives? Locking everybody up, putting them under anesthesia and feeding them with a feeding tube. I would be willing to bet life expectancy would skyrocket.

    Let's not discuss the implications such tech might have on our lives and go straight for a nice emotional appeal.

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