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Published 3 years ago with 22 Comments

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  • ToixStory

    "Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." -Greg King

    • Hydrax

      The truth of this statement saddens me.

  • furyextralarge

    I haven't seen Jon Stewart's face in a couple of years. I looked at the thumbnail and thought "damn, they aren't kidding about the 'exhausted' part."

    • oystein

      Arguing with right wing nuts turns you into Donald Trump.

  • 0r4n9e

    Whether Jon Stewart is the last honest man or not (that's some strong pathos there, alternet!), I will miss a daily update on distorted US media coverage (most of all Jon Stewarts incredulous expressions when showing footage of someone doing/saying something bizarre). All I can say is: Thank the universe for John Oliver, and, Please give John Oliver a daily show.

  • spammusbi

    I seriously don't know why people idolize Jon Stewart. Sure, he makes some funny stuff every now and then. I don't trust him and his politics. He calls himself a socialist, yet I see nothing socialist about him. Do you realize what real socialism is?

    I don't know, I guess he's just another one of those that people love and hate, but I find nothing about him to idolize or find great news out of.

    • Hydrax

      Well, he says it all the time. The objective of the show when they write scripts is to make people laugh and not so much to send a political message or present his views on anything. Plus, I'd rather not watch CNN or MSNBC for my news haha.

      Could you elaborate on why he is wrong to call himself socialist? He hasn't spoken that often about it so I personally wouldn't doubt it.

  • ColdwaterQ

    Although I agree with many comments here that he was not a good source of news, I also feel that he was better than all the "real" news agencies because at least with him I could tell what was fact and what was exaggerated or made up. With Fox, cbs, nbc, and all the rest they say things that sound reasonable until you realize how full of it they really are.

    Essentially, his agenda is to make us laugh, so all news is skewed by that, with other agencies their goal is secret and manipulative and in my book considerably evil, so it is hard to figure out how it is skewed.

  • frohawk

    Man, this snap is pretty polarizing.

  • looknclick

    Jon Stewart is an honest man?

    You gotta learn a few things about enterntainment.

    First of all, that is not even his real name.

    • 0r4n9e

      Yea, he changed his name because of his issues with his father. That's neither a secret nor dishonest, though...

    • Delror

      I really don't understand how that makes him dishonest. If I, for whatever reason, absolutely hated my last name and decided to change it, I'm not somehow deceiving people. I'm just getting rid of something that I don't like.

  • germfree

    I know exactly how you'l take this bit of info, but....

    Jon Stewart's brother literally pioneered the computer system that lets bots make trades on the stock market microseconds before human stocktraders can see the relevant info. John Stewart's brother had been the chief operating officer of stock exchange parent NYSE Euronext for years while Jon Stewart was on the air bitching about how evil, greedy, and stupid republicans are while his democrat brother stole from the entire country (world) by making trades on automated, newer information than anyone else had access to. It's insider trading by virtue of getting stock info seconds before the rest of the world (literally because of lack of cable distance lag at the New York Stock Exchange) and using software to determine how the market would play and make winning bets on the stock market.

    Jon Stewart is a vile human being saying things people like to hear to make sure his brother is never prosecuted for stealing from the entire world.

    • FistfulOfStars (edited 3 years ago)

      I'm not disagreeing with what you are saying necessarily, as I have an inherent skepticism toward anyone on television regardless of whether I agree with what they say or not... BUT:

      Literally every point you made was about his brother, not about him.

      My brother is currently in a federal penitentiary for drug crimes, including meth. He's been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder which causes even modest recovery to be next to impossible, and in turn he is incapable of living a normal life. He has done very self destructive and harmful things, has ripped his own family apart, and is likely to continue doing so for the rest of his life.

      If we were all judged by our sibling's actions, this would be a terribly cruel and unfair world for me personally.

      Just take that into consideration before attacking someone purely based on personal associations which they did not choose themselves.

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    • AdelleChattre

      No, you seem to have confused John Stewart’s brother for multiple stock exchanges, Wall Street banks and high-frequency traders openly operating with the knowledge and approval of the SEC and Congress. Yes, the New York Stock Exchange was part of the development of HFT over the past sixteen years, collocating equipment at high fees, but so was Nasdaq, and so were many people that did not share a mother with John Stewart. Your version of the story is so cartoonish you should’ve sensed that it was apocryphal. Really, one brother is a thieving banker and the other manipulates the media to cover for him? That didn’t strike you as a bit on-the-nose to be true?

      • germfree

        Really, one brother is a thieving banker and the other manipulates the media to cover for him? That didn’t strike you as a bit on-the-nose to be true?

        No. It did not strike me as too cliched to be true. It sounds exactly like what I expect from both wall street and hollywood.

        Global financial theft and comedy that amounts to lies by omission. One brother among the most highly paid entertainers on the planet to cover over the crimes of one of the richest people on the planet.

        It's not like familial criminal conspiracies have never been hatched for fucks sake.

        • AdelleChattre

          So you'd rather get your news from Stormfront than The Daily Show. Got it.

    • phoenixdigital

      Maybe you should have a listen to how the digital stock market works.


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