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  • sashinator

    We have seen through Covid-19 that wartime-style mobilization, huge in scope and scale, can be mounted against a mortal threat to the population. We have seen with our own eyes that this is possible. We must come together to shine our best science and leadership to learn and address the full extent of the threat to us and the damage to our environment and health posed by forever chemicals. And stop it – now.

    Who should foot the bill for all of it? The companies who have been reaping billions in profits each year, for decades, from making and unleashing this lethal poison into the world, all the while knowing the grave health threat it posed to us and our children – but chose not to tell us

    Yeah that’s not gonna happen for an actual threat that someone can be held accountable for

    nice thought tho

    we just don’t live in that reality

    that’s someone else’s reality and not ours

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