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Published 7 months ago by Chubros with 2 Comments

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  • StarFlower

    It wouldn't surprise me if a whole bunch of Twitter accounts (regardless of what they're talking about) are bots. Who knows - a considerable portion of the network may just be a bunch of bots retweeting each other.

    I barely use Twitter anymore, I have an account but I don't check it much. Not so much because of the bot thing, although there's that, but, it used to be a great for work. Currently I feel like it's not really very professional. I mean Twitter itself is, but the stuff people post isn't stuff I am interested in. I see it more as a work networking tool but lots of ppl see it more that they will post how many times they pooped that day or whatever, which I don't really need to know. So I just kind of gave up, which has given me the bonus of having extra spare time. I'd love to see a Twitter alternative that was geared more toward work use though (preferably without bots!)

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