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  • Expression
    3 years ago
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    A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world

    What are you staring at?

  • Analysis
    3 years ago
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    The Worst Argument In The World

    "I propose that an outright majority of the classic arguments in American politics, and no small number of arguments in religion, philosophy, et cetera, are in fact unmodified examples of the Worst Argument In The World." From the always en ...

  • Text Post
    3 years ago
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    A question/suggestion about reposts

    First post, so excuse my Snapzu ignorance!

    I certainly appreciate the idea behind not letting an already-submitted URL be re-posted. But I also am certain that a lot of interesting stories were submitted ages ago, got lost in the woodwork, and/or have poor titles/descriptions that failed to get them seen by a larger audience (or by newer members). Additionally, the original submitter of some old links may have failed to post them into all of the relevant tribes (or newly relevant tribes might have popped up since submission)

    Am I right in thinking that there is just no way to re-submit an old link, even to a different tribe? If so, I think that there would be a lot of merit to implementing some sort of ability to "bump" an old link or to just re-submit it (perhaps sharing XP with the old submitter?).

    Is there already a good solution to this issue? Does the community think that re-posting is bad enough that one submission is the only chance any given link ought to get?

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