• Nerdeiro

    Well, I can understand open source OSes like Debian having all those tools, after all it's maintained by volunteers. For Microsoft, shipping several different desktops, menu styles and tinkering tools comes with a cost. I'm happy that they at least make the OS flexible enough that I can use a third party tool to change the corner cases that'll make it better to me.

    Keep in mind that ALL OSes comes with the same limitations, even the open source ones. Both BSDs and Linux distributions are a core set of tools (GNU OS for Linux and BSD tools for the others) complemented by a HUGE library of third party stuff. Same goes for Windows, MacOS, Android, etc.

    Like I said, it's impossible to please everyone, and I don't expect OS makers to try, I just like that with some I have the freedom to change it. Linux gives more freedom to do so than Windows, Windows more that MacOS, that's all.

    I shouldn't have to sneak into a registry and replace a hidden file to change my Windows 7 lock screen. It should be an administrator option from the start.

    Yeah, SOME issues like that are harder to accept, though it can be explained. I believe some restrictions or hidden settings in Windows are there to please OEMs, so they can customize it with their images and logos in a way that'll be hard for an end user to change. OK, it's a dick move from MS and the OEMs, but let's be honest, it's a corner case.