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Published 8 years ago by BlueOracle with 6 Comments
  • "Nanook of the North" - HD


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  • FrootLoops


    thx for the submission. Could you please follow the /t/documentaries rules and add the release year in the title as described in the sidbar.


    • BlueOracle

      The title does have the release year. Also, I told you earlier that I can't see the rules on mobile, so why don't you post them here where I can see them. You could also add a sticky to your tribe page with the rules so everyone on mobile can see them.

      • FrootLoops

        Sry this wasn't intended to bother you at all. I just missed that it was you.

        There rules are:

        -Add the Year to the end of the title (e.g. [2015] )

        - The snap must include the documentary.

        - streamable or as a download

        Thx for your patience with me. ;)

        • BlueOracle

          Thanks for posting the rules here. I'm just confused because the title already has the year. What do you want changed? Is it the formatting?

          • FrootLoops

            Well no, i just forgot to add a sentence in my last reply. :)

            At first i didn't realize 1922 was the release date but i wanted to add in my last reply that everything is good. I just posted the rules so you can see them anyway.

            Everything is fine

            • BlueOracle

              Oh, I see. Thanks for the clarification. Take care! :)

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