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Published 5 years ago by BlueOracle with 8 Comments

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  • jcscher

    I am thinking there are some factors going on here we have not figured out yet. I am not blaming the sharks,but I would not take any chances off the coast right now!

    • Kysol

      We just had a Great White attack a week ago. The next day, idiots from the town 20 miles away decided it was a great time to go surfing, gets knocked off board by a shark. Then they proceed with a global childrens surfing competition. I swear, surfers from Lennox Head Australia are not the smartest bunch of people.

    • kraftykitty

      You and me both! However, regardless of the factors, it seems like "not blaming the sharks" is pretty silly. When people are missing giant pieces of them, saying "don't blame the sharks" is not exactly where I would go with that logic...

      • get9 (edited 5 years ago)

        I think "not blaming the sharks" is more about not assigning human values to non-humans. As the article points out, sharks are motivated in these cases by feeding. That is what they do and the water is their natural habitat. In essence, we are invading their territory, or in the very least entering their domain, and they are doing what sharks do. You can't really blame them for natural instinct and will to survive.

        In the same way, you can't blame people for being angry at sharks, but they should at least know why it's happening.

        That being said, we [humans] kill millions of sharks a year while sharks kill tens of humans (if that). It seems to me an over-reaction when people are angry at sharks and giving them the value of being evil because sharks are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

        • kraftykitty

          Oh, I agree that sharks aren't evil per se, but I think we can still blame them for eating us, the same way that we can blame people for eating them. Not blaming them just seems a silly way to put it, since there is no controversy surrounding the fact that they are, in fact, attacking people.

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