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Published 7 years ago by Apolatia with 4 Comments

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  • NinjaKlaus

    When they all adopt Google style ads then I'll disable it. Text based ads that don't eat up 5MB of data in a single go...add to that that so many webpages are now playing the press next for the rest bullshit and you're talking up to 10MB of data on two pages. Even home internet has fucking data caps now, get real ad agencies.

  • Splitfish

    They can only blame themselves. I'm definitely not gonna waste my precious data and risk my privacy.

    • drunkenninja

      Ever since the first "popup ad" these idiots have squandered their responsibilities and ethics when it comes to advertising, indeed, they only have themselves to blame at this point.

      • Gozzin (edited 7 years ago)

        Yeah,everyone understands this,except the scumbags engaging in the bad behavior, of course. My browser is a browser ,not a bill board to scream at me 24/7 to buy stuff.

        Publishers would love internet users to decide that, actually, they don't need to install an ad-blocker on their browser of choice. But a new report from research firm eMarketer suggested on Tuesday that there's no such hope on the horizon.

        And why might that be,hummmmm?

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