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Published 11 months ago with 6 Comments

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  • leweb

    Why? There’s nothing wrong with “intelligent” killing machines that learned who to kill from regressing a lot of data!

    Imagine the engine behind autocorrect deciding whether they should kill you. It’s not just that the machines are stupid, it’s the people who program them.

    • 3rdWheel

      That’s precisely why AI will never be like it is in sci-fi. I imagine smart machines can only be as smart as we are, and that does not bode well for our future.

      • Appaloosa

        I don't know. I've been reading a lot about machine learning....every year they learn faster and deeper, They are easily passing The Turing test, and now they are developing conversational bots. In ten years it may be impossible to tell who or what you are writing to or talking with...and if they ever do become self aware, they will create their own language, have their own priorities, invent their own gods. We're already progressing with cybernetics, talking about downloading our memories at death. The introduction of nanotechnology coupled with advanced AI seems to offer an unlimited realm of possibilities around the redefinition of life. Our brains function on electricity. It just so happens that that design uses it more efficiently. Sooner or later somebody, or something will match and surpass it.

        • 3rdWheel

          That’s terrifying to think about, that we’ll create something that will surpass us. I can only hope AI is kinder than we’ve ever been.

          • Appaloosa

            Let us hope they understand what love is, how impractical and how beautifully human it is, and to embrace it.

  • hotblogger

    Why we are inventing such products

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