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  • cunt

    Whether Brexit was a mistake remins to be seen. If I were American I'd have voted for Trump because he offered a change from the usual and also research and factfinding. Wikileaks was amazing.

    I really wanted to stay in Europe but then I really wanted Scotland to become independent, neither went my way, this is how democracy works. If the democratic process in the UK is overturned for the Brexit referendum then that will be an even bigger mistake than Brexit could ever be.

    People are fed up of being called bigotted, racist, sexist etc..(I voted to remain in Europe) for things which are nowhere near it. Saying you don't want refugees isn't racist, saying you don't want unskilled migrants isn't racist and being called and hearing folk be called idiots repeatedly because you didn't choose "correctly" just makes people want something different - it solidifies their views.

    Hillary didn't get elected - because she wasn't a better candidate, believe me, this is hard to say, I live beside Balmedie/The Menie Estate(Trump course in Scotland). Trump actually sounds more trustworthy and I don;t just mean by what he says, with what came out in the WikiLeaks.

    The democrats are dead for a while as Labour in the UK are with Jeremy "I will not use nucs, ever, and I don't really have a view on anything I'll let you decide" Corbyn.

    Trump is the new President, he may be good, he may be bad, we don't know yet. He supports the rights of all Americans as far as I can see, people can change for the better.

    I wish him all the best as new President of the United States of America and will believe in him until given reason not to.