• AdelleChattre

    Wait, isn't that exactly what you were calling 'liberalism' before? I wouldn't want to misunderstand you and, wrongly, take you for a hypocrite.

    • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 7 years ago)

      Yep, it's called


      • AdelleChattre

        Seems like a calculated plan for a joke. Kind of a go-to plan for a lot of people, too, who're eager to dispose of a loved one with a chronic, incurable, and/or degenerative health condition. State care often kicks in only when every last penny's gone, so spouses will divorce the afflicted, leaving them penniless for the state to care for, which often ends up not being for very long at that point. Not really getting the joke you're laughing out loud over. Maybe it's been too many times I've seen this strategy used by a surviving spouse to save their money and legally dump a mentally ill partner into state 'care,' and only to have them then quickly die. Now, a joke might be something like the free enterprise solution, selling grandma to the glue factory with the highest bid.