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Published 3 years ago with 10 Comments

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  • frohawk

    That sounds like a great community, but reading the opinions of the men outside of the village makes me think its a joke village to them, which irritates me. Also, why get a man to herd the animals? The females are just as capable!

    Also, what happens to all the male children when they grow up?

    I guess I don't really get it, but if it works for them, I'll be happy for it.

    • Gozzin

      I was wondering the same thing as well. I wish someone would write a book or do a docu' on this village and it's women.

    • fanficmistress

      I know the men outside do see it as a joke or maybe as a place where they can just go and have sex. It was odd to read that. Anyway sounds like it is a safe haven for the women to feel better.

  • nauthas

    I really don't like the idea of a single sex village. It sounds counter-intuitive, I'd much prefer to make a world in which all genders can get along in harmony, this sounds like the opposite of that.

    • AdelleChattre

      I think widespread sexual violence against women and children may have done more injury to that harmony than there being a community of people who survived it.

      • nauthas (edited 3 years ago)

        Possibly so, but banning all because of the few, will only make the rift stronger don't you think?

        • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

          The village was founded in 1990 by a group of 15 women who were survivors of rape by local British soldiers. Umoja’s population has now expanded to include any women escaping child marriage, FGM (female genital mutilation), domestic violence and rape – all of which are cultural norms among the Samburu.

          Not sure the odd victim surviving, escaping and finding a safe community is the real problem there.

          • nauthas

            I suppose your correct, I'm not saying the women who started it had bad intentions, I'd do the same. It's just the next generation on and the one after and the one after may eventually become radicalized. More so it shows that we need action now. I said I don't like the idea of that, but I don't think the issue is necessarily the community. As I see it, it's a shocking and terrible sign when people feel that creating a single gendered community is the only way to stop this horror from happening. I suppose I used poor wording in my first post, forgive me I'm tired.

            To reword what I meant- I really don't like the idea of [feeling the only option is to create a] single sex village. It sounds counter-intuitive, I'd much prefer to make a world in which all genders can get along in harmony, this sounds like the opposite of that. Which is why we need to take action to stop these terrible things from happening, because when we are pushed so far to where someone feels they have to do something like that, it's a shocking sign.

            • AdelleChattre

              One does wonder what has happened as the boys in the village have come of age.

            • nauthas
              @AdelleChattre -

              I... Didn't think about that... If I was them I'd raise them in my own light and teach them to be better then the men who did what they did. I hope that's what they do... But I deep down know it probably isn't

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