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Published 2 years ago with 11 Comments

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Conversation 11 comments by 6 users
  • b1ackbird (edited 2 years ago)

    Evidence that the US has a real immigration problem on its hands. The solution is not opening the borders to these people, its dissuading them from making that crossing illegally & persuading them to attempt the naturalization process.

    Its not the jobs these people take that concerns me, its the crime as well as the need for 'sanctuary cities'. As someone who lives in one of these cities, I am appalled by the types of crimes illegal immigrants can commit and yet be released from jail because of the Sanctuary Status.

    I have no problem with any race or group of people, but illegal immigration & open borders takes away from my children. Public Schools that once catered to the children of citizens have been dumbed down or stunted due to the sheer # of children in the classroom who could barely speak English.

    These rules we set for immigration were not meant to be 'P.C.', they were meant to keep our country safe & prosperous.

    So my question is this- who is responsible for paying for the upgrade to these facilities that is so obviously needed? Why should it be American taxpayers? I'm all for treatng people humanely but there is such a thing as 'wearing out your welcome'. I think this is the point we've come to. This is not a fiscally responsible stance to take for today or for the next generation.

    Not everyone deserves a trophy. Not everyone deserve sanctuary. No group of people deserve to be 'above the law'.

    • spaceghoti

      If you want to "dissuade" them, then you need to attack the incentives they have for crossing illegally. That means going after the people who make it worth their while, the businesses that eagerly hire them for the sub-minimum wages they're willing to accept in their desperation.

      Globalization would, once complete, also remove their incentives to seek higher wages in foreign countries since the goal is to raise everyone's standard of living. But that's a longer and much harder process.

      The problem is, of course, that it's easier for us to attack the symptom (the illegal immigrants) than the disease (the greed of those businesses that hire them). And among certain factions, even suggesting we go after those businesses is pure heresy.

      • AdelleChattre

        Globalization would, once complete, also remove their incentives to seek higher wages in foreign countries since the goal is to raise everyone's standard of living.

        Is that the goal of globalization? Because I could've sworn it was very much the exact opposite of that.

        • Gozzin

          As did I...So everyone else makes about $1.00 a day,if that, and the 1% is floating in oceans of money.

        • b1ackbird

          I've never seen anything good from Globalization. Its like making all the laws in every US state the same. There'd be no purpose in the states at all. The same goes for countries. Globalization dilutes culture & the differences between peoples that give them their identity. There would be no reason for sovereignty at all. People would not be able to live as their conscious dictates- nor would they be able to pack up and move to some place where they could live as they see fit.

          I'm all for bringing up the huddled masses into the light of civilization & technology but not at the cost our diversity.

          All I've ever seen Globalization do is exploit labor and damage the environment by moving jobs/factories to countries with low or non-existent labor and environmental standards.

        • Appaloosa (edited 2 years ago)

          Na, altruistically, it's ok as a goal. Realistically, well that is the rub. Very, very convoluted.

      • Appaloosa

        And let's not discount the receiving end of inward remittance. How much they get from it and do nothing to discourage it.

    • RoamingGnome

      You missed the point. How we treat others defines who we are. We have plenty of resources to make detention facilities humane. There is no lack of resources in this country, the problem lies in how the resources are allocated.

      • b1ackbird

        I didn't miss the point. My point is that yes these conditions are inhumane but we have our own problems here in this country- we have our own homeless and disenfranchised to worry about. I think its wrong that our citizens go without (many living in worse conditions than the photos in this article) while people are throwing their hands in the air talking about how we treat people who for all intents and purposes are CRIMINALS. They are not from here, they do not provide tax money or services to carry their weight & they got here illegally yet we're supposed to take our hard earned tax money to take care of them? Tax money that is better spent on educating our children or feeding our own homeless people.

        I'm all for being a humanitarian. But only when the people here at home are taken care of first. What does it say about us when we feed criminals before our own children?

        You're right we have plenty of resources and greed is what makes this so difficult - but its a matter of logic. In an airplane, you put your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else with theirs.

        • spaceghoti

          It's kind of funny. The people who created the inhumane conditions for these CRIMINALS, as you put it, are also the people largely responsible for our homeless and disenfranchised. They're the ones who insist that our national debt will KILL US IN OUR SLEEP and therefore we can't possibly afford to fix these problems. But they're also the ones who will spare no expense and make our debt grow in the name of PROTECTING OUR BORDERS in the name of terrorism and furriner's takin' our jerbs while turning a blind eye to home-grown terrorism (unless the home-grown terrorist follows a different religion).

          The truth is that we can address multiple issues at once: homelessness, disenfranchisement, illegal migrants and inhumane treatment of prisoners. There is no reason why we should be treating anyone this way, except that it makes some people tingle to think that they can abuse the ones they don't like and claim a veneer of legality in the process.

          We ought to be feeding our children and criminals alike. If our excuse, as the richest nation on the planet, is that it's too expensive then it suggests strongly that our priority lies more with profit motives than human empathy.

        • RoamingGnome

          You are still missing the point. You keep referring to a lack of resources. We have plenty of resources to treat criminals humanely...and to feed homeless people at the same time. Once again, how we treat others defines who we are.

          What does it say about us when we feed criminals before our own children?

          It says that our politicians and businesspeople have a serious lack of perspective. But, it has nothing whatsoever to do with a lack of resources. We produce more food, more money and more goods that any other country on the planet, by a long shot. Yes, even more than China. By a long shot.

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