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Published 5 months ago with 6 Comments

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  • leweb

    Yay socialism. This time it is definitely gonna work!

    • AdelleChattre

      Well, we've tried everything but basic, human decency, and it hasn't worked. You can thank the GOP's mindless fascination with running against Stalin, in every election, for the eventual syntactic satiation of the epithet 'socialism.' Look, here's NBC freaking out about it.

      • leweb

        Human decency does not exist. That’s exactly the problem with socialism.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 5 months ago)

          There we differ. To my mind, that rote inability to distinguish between Pol Pot and FDR leaves conservatives open to haymakers. Conservatives like, you know, Clinton and Pence.

          • leweb

            I don’t like American so-called “conservatives”. But, as a Venezuelan, fuck socialism. I don’t care what flavor of it.

            I understand there is another clogged sewer on the other side of the political spectrum, and on a good chunk of the world that is a much bigger deal at the moment, but I’m not buying anything with the name “socialism” on it.

            • AdelleChattre (edited 5 months ago)

              We could use a president like FDR again. If and when one comes along, they'll be smeared with the label 'socialist,' just as he was. It's worn out whatever meaning it had. When you set yourself against the idea that anyone could ever believe a politician is on their side, you've thrown the baby out with the popular government bathwater. Would you feel better knowing social democrats were part of this republican form of government, any more than if it were democratic socialists instead? Because sim salabim, they are. Even if they weren't, some of the most decent people that were would be smeared as socialists anyway. If not Russky spies in this Clinton Red Scare hysteria.

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