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Published 1 year ago with 4 Comments

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  • ohtwenty

    But he and his nephew had the misfortune to be visited by three unidentified young men who must have been on America's "kill list," which in the Obama years we renamed to sound less monstrous. The kill list became known by the Orwellian tag "disposition matrix." Trump critic John Brennan is frequently credited with coming up with the less murderous name. [...]

    This reduces the legal foundation for much of post-9/11 military action to, "You have to trust us."

    From the article linked in one of the sentences quoted above:

    There have been claims that people's names have been entered into it with little or no evidence.

    See also the article I added to related links, about how AI is trained to look for potentially interesting people. The issue, imo, is not only that there's two much power given to one person, but also the type of power. He's directly able to have the records of millions looked through, and then able to bomb based on a pretty damn good hunch, but a hunch nonetheless.

    I feel like all decisions should be made with the consideration that the next president might be just a step down from Hitler, or just a step up from a trained pig, just in case someone comes along that might misuse their power. However, politics are often too short-sighted for that.

    • AdelleChattre

      'Hunch' would be too strong a word. Extrajudicial mass killings are terrorism.

      • leweb

        Pretty much by definition.

        Obama set the bar pretty high for abusing this power and murdering innocent people already.

        • Appaloosa

          Lest we forget that part of enabling.

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