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Published 5 years ago by AdelleChattre with 7 Comments

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  • Appaloosa

    Pretty extreme way to discount religion! I read this as tongue in cheek. There's nothing morally defensible in creating something like that..

    • currentbias

      Anything is morally defensible in subjective-land!

  • leweb

    Religious people have historically ignored any sort of evidence that goes against what they want to believe. I’m not sure why the author believes that it will be different in this case.

  • Maternitus

    Aren't there enough politicians already? Why breeding more?

  • sashinator


    "David P. Barash is professor of psychology emeritus at the University of Washington. This article is somewhat modified from a chapter in his next book—Through a Glass Brightly: Using Science to See Our Species as It Really Is—which will be published summer, 2018, by Oxford University Press."

    Ohhhh. The old controversial new book trick, eh? Great marketing strategy. Always write one taboo thing everyone disagrees with (and with good reason) to generate traction.

    "Professor of psychology at U Wa and author of a new controversial book, in which he claims - among other things - that humans and chimps should be one human-chimp hybrid species, David P. Barash is our next guest. He agreed to talk to us about this and many other things. Coming up - after the break."

    • Appaloosa

      A book, you actually think someone takes the time to write the...let alone reads them?

      • sashinator

        That’s what it says in the footnote. This article is an excerpt from the authors next book.

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