• Appaloosa

    Here we go...all the news and nothing but the news we see fit for you to read. As they vacuum up all of the advertising dollars, there won't be any more viable companies on the internet outside of empires of Google or Facebook.

    • AdelleChattre

      I’ve never used Facecrook. Well, I tell a lie. I’ve visited Faceborg links, but they’re effectively login-walled so it’s useless to do so. Aside from a deep mistrust one can feel in one’s stomach, and of course the skin crawling, it strikes me as a terrible idea, and essentially a form of usury. Still, there’s probably something to be said for getting forty or four-hundred million views on one post, or an internet forum that most Americans are checking at least once a day. You know, in case of emergencies or whatever. Any site used by one-out-of-seven human beings probably has something to be said for it, but on balance for me it’s like watching preschoolers playing with army surplus artillery shells and ball-peen hammers.

      Google, on the other hand, was useful. So I’m disappointed to see it further lobotomized. Guess I’ll have to brush up on my Qwant-Fu.