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Published 3 years ago with 11 Comments

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  • CatLady

    This was so sad. It's hard enough when you grow up feeling unwanted because one or both parents are not in your life. To have to deal with the foster system and the constant surgeries , too, just makes his growing up years seem pretty unbearable. I would like to say I would never have done that, had I been in his mother's place but sometimes you don't really know what you'd do until you're in that same exact position. You may end up making a choice you wouldn't have thought you'd have made when the situation was theoretical.

    • Qukatt

      I sympathised with the mother in the moment of her initial abandonment. My first was in hospital his first 16 days and that was hard enough without the disfigurement part. I know I was a mess and people weren't helpful there and there was times i wanted to be as far as possible from it all.

      By the time he's picked up the phone to her though it's unforgivable for her to try to absolve herself of responsibility in the manner she chose.

  • Gozzin (edited 3 years ago)

    I can't read it..A huge "like us" page obscures the content and I can't find the close button. Why in the Sam hill do they do this? To answer them, NO,when you don't let me even read your page, no, I don't like you! And no,I do not use Facebook. I have to wonder do they even notice how many people vanish as soon as their pop up appears?

    • Qukatt

      i clicked the "maybe later" bit and it let me read it

      • BloodyVikings

        Likewise. Still doesn't make their design decision any less obnoxious, though.

        If I wasn't relatively interested in the story , I would have closed the tab.

        • Qukatt

          yeah of course, i'm not defending this bullshit web design fad but rather just making sure people know they can read the story without having facebook interaction.

  • Vera

    I'd like to know how much they paid that lawyer.

  • oystein

    Here is an interview with Howard Shulman.

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

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