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Published 1 year ago with 4 Comments

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  • Qukatt

    i'm torn on this cause on one hand i'm a parent. these people i don't understand at all. none of my believes transcend my responsibility to and love for my children especially in life threatening situations. I don't understand the paranoia of "big pharma" or blind faith in "big herba" (lol)

    however. everyone should be allowed to refuse treatments. I don't care what it is or why; you should be able to say no i don't want that. You can't prosecute people for DNR, you can't prosecute for stopping your medication, you can't prosecute JWs for refusing blood treatments even when it's a child.

    it's sad, children should have protections when they can decide for themselves but at the same time what can you do without drawing a line somewhere?

    I do think these parents should be made to answer for their choice to treat their child themselves without knowing what he even had. that's t he main thing that gets me here, they didn't have to get drugs but they do have a duty to make an informed choice; they should have taken him to the doctor at the very least, they totally failed there. They're not evil or anything they're just scared and stupid people

  • kxh

    In this case the problem has nothing to do with vaccination or anti-vax views, it was their anti-medicine views. If the child had had viral meningitis doctors or hospitals would not have been able to help.

    • Qukatt

      well they never found that out cause they never took him in to find out what he actually had before giving him home remedies. no matter what side you're on sure it would be logical to go find out what illness you're supposed to be treating first.

      • kxh

        I don't disagree at all.

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