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Published 3 months ago with 7 Comments

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  • NotWearingPants

    When will companies learn that political statements in a polarized society is a really bad marketing idea?

    • AdelleChattre

      When will white nationalists stop buying that an athlete’s courage of his convictions is a threat to white supremacy?

      • NotWearingPants

        Pretty sure their stock drop had more to do with people's opinion of Nike lauding his "protest" than it did with white nationalism. Their slogan has made some nice memes though.

        • AdelleChattre

          Why is 'protest' in quotes? What is that, like, 3/5 of a protest?

          • NotWearingPants

            So far, we have white nationalism and racism. Every god damn thing isn't about race.

            "Protest" because the protesters only do it when the camera is on them. Where are they when they are off the clock?? Certainly not protesting the mass murder every weekend in Chicago.

            This particular fool isn't courageous. People who go into burning buildings are courageous. People who move to the sound of gunfire are courageous. He's at best a backup quarterback whose chosen form of 'protest' has made him unemployable. But you and I would be unemployable as well if we made our employers look bad for on-the-job actions. But I guess we can say it's a "different kind of courage", and water that down as far as 'racist', 'white nationalist', and 'nazi'.

    • kxh

      Companies should just shut up and fund political operators and lobbyists in secret?

      • NotWearingPants

        If they are smart, in this political climate, yes. Of course, if your market cap is high enough, you can be controversial and wipe out 3 or 4 billion dollars in a day. Hopefully you can collect enough victim points to make up for the sales you just threw down the toilet.

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