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Published 5 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • Anonymouse

    Here is my take- First as a Marine and someone that lead Marines- I have mixed feelings on this and here is why. I often argued with my fellow NCOs then Staff NCOs that first and foremost we follow orders and we lead. So if a Marine was able to qualify to be in our unit and he happened to be gay, I would lead him to the best of my ability- just like I did with the rest of my Marines, no problems at all.

    Having said that, at the time this man joined it was not the same and on his documentation he would have had to deny being a homosexual- he lied, he covered, he was in fact acting in a way without honor. THAT is the problem for some.

    Some of us who served as Marines still believe in the true meanings of honor courage and commitment. Always not just when it is convenient.

    I read the article and saw a lot of comments I'd like to address two types- First of all those who are venomous and nasty about gays- Don't ever make the mistake of saying that stuff about one of our brothers now or sisters (we didn't and still don't have women in my unit) now that Gays are allowed. They are allowed, they are Marines if you are not one of us and you lash out thinking that we'll side with you- don't we won't. Period- Our bond goes to levels most civilians will never understand- We join, we love our nation, we serve it and more often then not we suffer for it. The bond we have for each other defies hatred based on sexuality.

    Secondly- I will tell you right here and now MOST Marines are NOT homophobic. We are however, a tough culture and if a gay is present he'll be "bagged on" just like we'd bag on someone for liking poetry or someone who liked to fly fish or whatever. Anything about a person is open game for this ritual most don't understand.

    I may have said something to a Marine that others would think was horrible and cruel but I'd die to make sure he'd never be left on the battlefield and we proved that many times. Marines won't hug each other and say man I love...

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    • drunkenninja

      That was deep dude.

      • Anonymouse

        Sorry it was a deep story. I just think there is this huge urge by many to automatically declare this a bigoted, homophobic decision etc etc. But the reality the decision ultimately is about the fact he was not honest on his enlistment papers.

        And again having said that- those were different times. I do think way too many people spend a ton of time looking back at what things were done in the past focusing on what was wrong back then and completely missing the idea that we as humans learn, evolve and change.

        What happened to him under current law cannot happen now- unless of course he were to lie and he'd be drummed out again. It is my hope that people start spending at least equal time thinking about what is changing and being done right as we move forward.

  • Anonymouse

    PS to my comments below I am very happy this man was able to get his record corrected.

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