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Published 3 years ago with 12 Comments

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  • SevenTales

    Not a good song, but definitely a good cause. Everyone needs to be talking about this.

    • JonSnow

      better than the original

    • Triseult

      I feel the song's quality isn't really the point. Sofia Ashraf recorded this to bring awareness to the situation and got exactly what she wanted. Anaconda was exactly the right song to spoof, too, because of how disparate the original and modified lyrics are from one another.

      • SevenTales

        It wasn't the point, but I can still comment on it :P Of course the cause and the message are worthy and we should be talking about this.

    • pixelboot

      In the article she talks about why she chose the song specifically: “So for Kodaikanal Won’t I decided to piggyback on a popular song like Anaconda. It would attract Nicki Minaj fans, but also get the attention of those who hate her song.

      “I wanted to spoof a song because I felt that when you use a popular tune, then people start paying attention to the lyrics, which was of utmost importance here.

      She seems like a really smart girl!

      • SevenTales

        She really does! The result musically is not good, but everything about it from the cause to the lyrics are, if that makes sense.

  • riteorong

    No doubt she put hundreds of hours into this video. Imagine the logistics of involving all the people, dancers, editing, etc. etc.. She is an amazing example of self expression, passion and marketing awareness.

  • [Deleted Profile] (edited 3 years ago)

    [This comment was removed]

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