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Published 3 years ago by yuriburi with 7 Comments
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  • jedlicka

    Shep is the only guy on Faux News that actually provides facts. And their viewers hate him for it. Sad!

    • iamsanchez

      I honestly can’t believe this guy hasn’t been fired by them yet.

      • imokruok

        the fox news strat depends on hosts ability to fan the fire

      • jedlicka

        He must have a lot of dirt on people like Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson.

  • grandsalami

    Millions of right wing loons had a huge meltdown against facts and called for him to be fired. I didn't realize FACTS were a partisan issue.

  • petepaste

    Fox News is not a legitimate news channel, it's now nothing more than the propaganda wing of Trump's administration. Only "fucking morons" and the cult that is Trumpism believe that it's actual truthful news.

  • abbys

    If these people could think with any sense of logic or critically as most issues demand, they wouldn't be tuning into Fox in the first place.

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