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Published 3 years ago with 1 Comments

Avengers Digital Paintings by Dan Berry [Artist]

Album of digital paintings, featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Vision, Ant-Man and more!

  • Chris Evans as Captain America Chris Evans as Captain America
  • Originally, I wanted to try out digital painting by focusing on the new Captain America chest armor from Age of Ultron, but as I painted I found myself stretching out toward the shoulders and neck. Suddenly it looked weird without a face so I completed the head. I like the unfinished look because it reveals the process.

  • Paul Bettany as The Vision Paul Bettany as The Vision
  • After the Captain America piece, I had a sudden urge to paint more of the Avengers. I wanted to do a lighting study of Vision, a character I couldn't wait to see on the big screen. Definitely one of the best parts about Age of Ultron.

  • Paul Rudd as Ant-Man Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
  • I can't wait to see the Ant-Man movie. The detail in this piece is mostly focused in the eyes and front area of the helmet. I pulled the reference image from a quick shot in the new trailer in order to keep it accurate. The look in his eyes is a combination of fear and awe as he sees the world from the shrunken state, as if he's fallen into a microscope. I hope a 50-foot-tall Ant-Man is forced to save the day near in the climax of the film.

  • Ultron Ultron
  • I just recently finished my Ultron digital painting. I had a lot of fun working on this. The metallic gradients were really challenging.

  • Tony Stark's Iron Man XLIII Tony Stark's Iron Man XLIII
  • I decided to challenge myself and push the detail in the Iron Man piece. One of my favorite parts about painting is creating the illusion of light with shading and highlights.

  • Hulk-Buster Hulk-Buster
  • Quick digital sketch of Iron Man Mark XLV Quick digital sketch of Iron Man Mark XLV
  • Thanos Thanos
  • After getting all the Iron Man out of my system, I used Thanos as an opportunity to practice skin and wrinkles. My plan was to continue down into the chest plate for a full torso composition, but I felt like the point of this piece was the skin and if I added his huge armor his head would only look tiny. So here is Thanos' head. You can put it on a spike if it helps ease the pain he will bring our avenging friends soon enough.

  • Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • After the Thanos painting, I needed to paint Spider-Man. Also this was during the Marvel/Sony deal and I used this as an opportunity to commemorate the reveal on my Instagram. This pose is from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, starring Andrew Garfield. I spent a little more time on this one, due to my childhood love of Spider-Man. I can't wait to see what he is like in the MCU and how his story impacts future Avengers installments. I enjoyed Sam Raimi's iteration when I was younger, but the Amazing Spider-Man movies didn't hook me the right way. I believe we are going to see a true incarnation of Spider-Man on the big screen for the first time (in my opinion. Don't judge me). Though, I have to admit, the Amazing Spider-Man movies got the suit right!

  • Unfinished Winter Soldier Unfinished Winter Soldier
  • I had a lot of fun working on the reflections of his metal arm. What I learned is the difference between leather and metallic reflections. The dull shoulder straps aren't as luminous, so the key to creating a leathery reflection is indigo blue! I decided to focus mostly on the aspects that represent the Winter Soldier, since the true identity of Bucky Barnes is clouded and concealed by the Soldier's obedience.

    If you're interested, here's a time-lapse video of the Winter Soldier painting process:

  • The final painting for this article is Captain Marvel! I have to be honest, I didn't know much about Carol before the movie's announcement, but that didn't stop me from buying a couple of trades and enjoying her appearances in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. I believe it's time for a true female-led superhero movie to represent the strength and courage of women, which is the first step toward a less gender dependent cinematic universe. I can't decide if I have developed a mild crush or if I am simply in awe of her abundant badassery. Outside of Vision and Captain America, this piece was my first time exploring a full face and head of hair. I appreciate how these projects continue to push me with new and intimidating challenges! By the way, this painting counts as my vote for Katheryn Winnick as Carol Danvers in the 2018 Captain Marvel film!

  • Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel Katheryn Winnick as Captain Marvel
  • Most of the Avengers digital paintings I've done are available to purchase on the Fun Guy Studios Etsy Shop! Each print is 8in x 8in, but larger dimensions are available upon request! To keep up with future digital paintings and Copic colored blank sketch covers, follow Fun Guy Studios on Facebook and Instagram!

  • My Hand-Drawn Copic Avengers 228 Postage Sticker Series is ON SALE NOW at the Fun Guy Studios Etsy for $25 each! One-of-a-kind, limited edition series celebrating the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron!

  • When I'm not painting the Avengers I'm working on my original graphic novel Verdacomb! I've been writing and developing the story for nearly seven years. Chapters 1-4 can be read online for free at my website VERDACOMB.com!

  • Follow Verdacomb on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!


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