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  • sashinator

    Rupert Murdoch propaganda

    'posts report' is some subtle BS

    she has yet to publish anything resembling any claims that can be followed up with either a) sources, b) places, c) dates, d) peer-reviewed publications

    she's like the Corey Feldman of Covid-19

    Virologist: I have something important to reveal that proves pandemic virus was lab-generated in China!

    Public: Okay. What is it?

    Virologist: Can't tell you right now. Keep watching this space, follow me as I do talk shows and eventually there might even be a book tour

    Public: Okay. Can you give us any specifics?

    Virologist: Not right now. But keep watching this space! Something big is coming your way soon!

    Public: Why can't you reveal this now?

    Virologist: Can't now. Totally not viable.

    Public: Why?

    Virologist: cuz China and shit but keep watching this space! Revealing something VERY big! Soon!

    Public: ... yeah... no

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