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  • Immediate Release

    Spring Hill, Florida, United States, Release: March 22, 2022, For Immediate Release

    President Trump’s Pastor, Paula White, The miracle selling huckster who became the spiritual advisor to the world’s most powerful man, is the latest book by author Susan Puzio. Susan is an author, church reformer, Christian apologist, and internet radio talk show host. In her latest book President Trump’s Pastor Paula White, Susan pulls back the curtain on a “heretic of the worst kind” – the former head of the Faith and Opportunity Initiative within the White House Office of the Public Liaison, Presidential spiritual advisor, and Pastor, Paula White.

    “I wrote this book to help the public better understand Paula White, former President Trump’s spiritual advisor,” says Susan. “I think people will be shocked to learn how Mrs. White-Cain – a self-proclaimed apostle –bowed to a cult leader, used questionable financial practices, and hurt regular people to climb her way to the top.”

    To learn more about Susan or to purchase President Trump’s Pastor Paula White go to Amazon here

    Connect with Susan Puzio

    Website l YouTube l Radio l susan@propheticnews.com


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