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  • Plumbhappy

    Plumbhappy are an established plumbing and heating company based in London. After gaining ground quickly with their brand, they are keen to replicate their success by offering franchisees the opportunity to obtain their own territory and run a multi-van business. Why choose Plumbhappy?

    The team at Plumbhappy are unique in that they have a wealth of experience in both the construction industry but also marketing and IT. The founders have combined their experience, bringing together decades of knowledge from a range of industries. They have first hand experience of being on the tools, managing teams and building brands from scratch. As a member of the Plumbhappy network, you're part of a family that is invested in your professional and personal development. This is an incredible chance to establish your own 'business in a box' allowing you to hit the ground running and secure your financial future. You’re passionate about plumbing & heating As a plumber or gas engineer, you most likely got into the business because you have a genuine interest in the trade and take pleasure in solving customer’s problems. You’ve spent years honing your skills so it makes sense to spend time doing what you know best. As a franchisee, you can focus on being the plumbing and heating expert, delivering innovative solutions for customers in need. With our system, we deal with all the heavy lifting of finding new customers and scheduling jobs. Focus on what you do best and we take care of the rest.

    You want flexibility When you become a Plumbhappy franchisee, you are running your own business and as such you can run it your way. You might want to adopt a player/manager role where you spend some time on the tools to keep your skills sharp while you manage your team. Other people prefer to take a pure management position straight away, overseeing all of the jobs and providing technical support to their sub-contractors. Plumbhappy will support you however you choose to shape your franchise.

    Trade marketing has evolved Long gone are the days when a tradesman could simply take out an advert in the paper and wait for the phone to ring. Like all sectors, technology has rapidly developed over the years and digital marketing is now critical to developing a business. Search engine optimisation, Online lead generation, Social media marketing, Google ad campaigns, Website maintenance - critical elements to any business nowadays that consume vast amounts of time and money.

    Dealing with the day to day operations of a plumbing firm takes up enough time without having to worry about your online presence. Word of mouth will take you to a certain point, but understanding the digital world is essential to expand. Fortunately, Plumbhappy has the experience and resources to harness the constantly evolving world of digital marketing. That said, old fashioned networking can still play it’s part - with decades in the trade, Plumbhappy has developed strong relationships with equipment manufacturers, complimentary trade business and property management firms.

    Rapid growth from the start
    You might be thinking; “Why invest in a franchise, I could do this myself”. If you have sufficient business acumen and can provide a good service, you can certainly build your own trade business - many people do. However, you have to consider the journey required to get there. Starting a business from scratch is challenging, especially building a customer base. Most plumbing firms, despite how they might present themselves, typically consist of a few engineers with the director working extremely long hours on the tools. Growing from a one man band to a team typically takes years and often plateaus quickly after that.

    A Plumbhappy franchise allows you to have a constant stream of customers where the only obstacle is the size of the team you’re willing to manage. As a franchisee, you not only receive help with customers but also have access to the franchisor’s talent pool of plumbers and gas engineers. Becoming a franchisee offers a genuine alternative to starting your own business with a roadmap to succeed.

    Ready to take the next step? If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Plumbhappy franchisee, you can register your interest here. There’s no hard sales tactics - the team are happy to have an informal chat to explain the franchise system and answer any questions..


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