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  • For Immediate Release

    For Immediate Release April 22, 2022

    Miss Arlene’s, a company specializing in all natural products, announced the launch of the The-O’Dora, a healthy, natural sanitary napkin designed to provide their users a safe and painfree menstrual cycle. The-O’Dora is named for Theodora, Miss Arlene’s mother, who took care of her during her painful periods throughout her life.

    “My mother was there making herbal hot tea, bringing me painkillersand heating pads and providing me with unlimited love, care and hugs throughout that time,” owner Miss Arlene said. “It wasn’t until I was in my early fortys that I learned about Toxic Shock Syndrome and all of the chemicals found in most pads. After doing research, I found that natural sanitary pads took all of my pain away, but when the brand I was using was no longer available, I decided to make my own product to bring others the relief that I had found.”

    The-O’Dora sanitary napkins are chemical-free sanitary napkins that allow users to have a healthy and happy period. These pads serve as a replacement to chemical pads that can be made with wood pulp and bleached with chlorine and degraded waste material. These additives can be the cause of severe menstrual pains, including Toxic Shock Syndrome. The-O’Dora is designed as a lifesaver for those suffering from painful periods utilizing safe, natural and comfortable pads.

    For more information on Miss Arlene’s, or to learn more about their line of products, visit http://www.missarlenes.com.

    About Miss Arlene’s

    Miss Arlene’s is a leading producer and distributor of raw, pure, organic and natural health products online. Most of their products are handmade and produced from naturally sourced ingredients. Their 100% pure plant-based products meet all required quality standards without any harmful side effets, making them suitable for the health of their customers’ entire bodies.

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