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  • Smooth vibes and soulful nostalgia meet with the crisp, contemporary sound of artist and songwriter Dyse, as her latest single ‘Good Sex and Loyalty’ reignites the warmth and intimacy of classic RnB.

    Featuring sultry layered vocals of breathy and revealing qualities, delivering lyrics of equal vulnerability and a fearless exploration of sexuality, the single promises the organic embrace of finely-crafted pop, alongside a modern rhythm and vocal arena for a clear edge of artistic identity.

    From emotive depths to passionate falsetto, Dyse covers all bases with her effortlessly versatile, born to perform vocals. Raised in Detroit, Dyse brings a fine combination of church living and vocal commitment to the scene. Beginning the development of her voice at just nine years of age – practising Soprano, Alto and Tenor on a weekly basis until the art form was mastered – Dyse meanders with ease throughout the various melodies and emotions of her music.

    This finely honed ability, alongside family values and the gifts instilled by God through prayer, all contributes to the unique and captivating artist we hear today. From humble beginnings through album releases, a World Star Interview, and church tours reaching audiences of up 2000, Dyse is no stranger to the studio nor stage. Her confidence and talent at the mic and behind the mixing desk unite to gift the music world a clear edge of intention and presence.

    Now CEO of Turn Me Up Records, Dyse writes from a place of sheer devotion and a defiant appreciation for community. Following the rising success of the Marchreleased single, the latest track ‘Heaven’s onna Pass Me By’ is expected April 18th, and will shine further light on her boldly contemplative, fearlessly honest musicality.

    Check out Dyse on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Instagram or visit her Website.


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