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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE D. L. Croisette Media Team

    TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, May 23rd, 2022. – Canadian romance author D. L. Croisette wouldn’t be releasing her debut book today if the corporate world hadn’t kicked her out. In early 2021 she lost her job of over fifteen years at a major financial institution and instead of wallowing in disappointment, she focused on turning her hobby and real passion—writing—into a dream come true.

    Often referring to boardrooms to boredrooms, D. L. spent her nights and weekends scribbling the stories the characters in her head insisted she document. “I’ve always tried to wrangle writing into my day-to-day job, but it was never enough, or the right fit for me.” When her daily routine vanished, she had a choice, jump back into the corporate world with another potentially unsatisfying management position job or take a leap of faith and immerse herself in what truly made her happy—writing. “I chose me.”

    Her fiction writing career started as a dare. “The bright spot in my corporate existence was lunch with my friends. One day, we were discussing what we were reading and how unsatisfactory the male character was in a recent romance book. A friend dared me to write a better, more realistic romance. I went home that night and wrote the first three chapters of Ruby Red. It’s still essentially the same opening.” The book took less than two months to write, and, as D. L. puts it, two years of labour to edit.

    The week she lost her job she submitted her manuscript to her first publishing house and never looked back. Within three months, she received two competing offers for her debut story, and won a competitive mentorship with a writing group on the serial fiction app Wattpad. “I chose Champagne Books, because as a smaller publisher, they afford the freedom to retain the essence of my writing style. Plus, they are a family. Cassie, the owner, patiently worked through my numerous questions.”

    Ruby Red is a New Adult Contemporary romance following the journey of Ali, a spoilt young divorcee whose fortune suddenly disappears. She accepts the help of a mysterious bartender and sheds her protective armor of perfection to recover her money, regain her self-confidence, and repair her shattered heart.

    D. L. Croisette’s debut romance, Ruby Red, is available as an ebook with most major retailers and at www.champagnebooks.com

    D.L. Croisette is a storyteller. She had characters in her head before she had words in her mouth. Now she spins them into romantic stories full of drama and heart. Collector of international friends, avid traveller, and always up for a new adventure, she snaps photos to remember each escapade, and peppers the best experiences into her stories.

    Champagne Book Group (CBG) has been open and publishing electronic fiction since 2004. Its origins began as a Canadian publisher. Under a new owner since 2017, CBG is a United States publisher with the goal and vision to deliver to readers quality books crafted with care and infused with passion that transport readers into imagination.

    Contact: Request Review Copies: mediaenquitiesfordlcroisette@gmail.com D. L. Croisette, Author, https://www.dlcroisette.com Champagne Book Group, https://www.champagnebooks.com Ruby Red – A Romance Photo Credit: Jackie Vlahos, https://jackievlahosphoto.com #newauthor #newbook #romanceauthor #romancebook #romanceauthor


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