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An Entire System of (Child/Human) Abuse

A Press Release to Announce the next 25 Upcoming Press Releases!!

  •                                                             ###  For Immediate Release: 

    Date 3/23/2021 Place: Oakland, C.A. Event: Twenty Year Public Safety Audit!! Where 25 Local and National, Government and Private Entities Fail Exposing a United Effort to Protect Criminals Over Citizens. 100% Documented With Video, Signed Affidavits and Witness Testimony In MULTIPLE (25) FIELD AUDITS!
    A Story So Big It Needed a Press Release to Announce the next 25 Upcoming Press Releases!! (20 Years of Documentation)

                                                 An AUDIT That Explains and Exposes

    “An Entire System of (Child/Human) Abuse” Including the Trafficking of Women and Children. Explained In 25 First-Hand Audits (Each Audit Introduced by a New Press Release) PRESENTED IN 5 STAGES: Five Players/Components Per Stage – Total of 25 Players/Components of 5 Stages Exposed: STAGE 1: 1) Audit 1 - Oakland Police Dept. (Police Report #22-003725) Grade: Fail 2) Audit 2 - San Francisco Police Dept. (Case# 22-597497) (Police Report # 200049694) Grade: Fail 3) Audit 3 - Department of Motor Vehicles (Case # RG 20049725 ) Grade: Fail 4) Audit 4 - EIN Presswire (Suit: Pending) Grade: Fail 5) Audit 5 - University of California, Berkeley (Case# RG 21097763) Grade: Fail Auditor, His Credentials and Genesis of Project: Mr. Dennis Bruce Allums, Graduate of the University of California Berkeley in the field of International Economics. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker, Donor to Haas Pavilion and plaintiff in multiple legal actions, all, results of audits, including his main suit: Allums vs Federal Bureau of Investigation /Department Justice (c22-00863) for its role in the trafficking of bay area children and teens for the past decade. This allegation includes but is not limited to the January 18th, 2020 infamous Westerfield Mall, San Francisco trafficking allegation as well as dozens more. Audit System’s Mechanization: a) Sue Federal entities/ Child and Human traffickers and abusers for continued abuse of women and children. An Audit would do nothing for they have already been outed by women ala there Non processing of rape kits nationwide, Jeffrey Epstein and Franklin Credit Union Scandal. b) Audit the accessories To the major federal Crime of child abuse and trafficking. c) Documenting the assistance given from denial of service by EIN presswire to falsifying a police report by Sa Francisco Police Department.
    d) Expose them publicly. e) Triggering an investigation eventually linking all of them to the government system of abuse resulting in prosecutions and safeguards put in place to stop the practice. f) Pre-press release then final press releases concludes this audit.

          Below Are Samples of The First Five Press Releases of Twenty-Five Releases on The “Entire System of Abuse”

    1) Oakland Police Department (January 2022) Sought to cover-up the plaintiff’s heroic acts at Oakland Public Library despite the heroes almost being stabbed multiple times. He currently cannot be found on the report. Headline: News Blackout!! – Complaint asks Is there a Local, Statewide and National News Black Out for African American Heroes? Is the Media Only interested When African Americans Commit Crimes – Not When They Are the Heroes Who Stop it? Story: Immediately after trying to stab Hero Dennis Bruce Allums 4 times on January 24th, 2022, OPD declares him mentally unstable, seals his file and [police report Then laughs when wants press charges and asks, “What do you want to do, sue him”. Connection To “Entire System”: Connection is obvious – OPD either was asked to or did on their own try to prevent plaintiff’s heroic actions from ever coming to light for it gives credibility to a man they are trying to discredit based on his decade’s long allegations against federal agents who protect abusers of children. Conclusive? Yes, Via Police Report – Officer Cameras Phone Conversation Available from the Oakland P.D. Upon Request or Public Records Request).

    Audit Grade: Fail

  • 2) San Francisco Police Department (January 18th, 2020) Headline: SFPD Officer Simon Hoang Lied
    Story: Falsified a Police Report to Protect federal agents He alleges trafficked a teen aged African American girl. Connection to “Entire System”: SFPD Officer Simon Hoang clearly falsified resulting police report when he added It should be noted that Mr. Allums then began rambling incoherently. This made his credible suspect and the trafficking incident most likely wasn’t adequately investigated if at all. Conclusive? Yes, Incident is Documented via 1) Officers Hoang’s on Camera 2) Officer Hoang’s own words in police Report.

    Audit Grade: Fail

    3) Department of Motor Vehicles Headline: Department of Motor Vehicles Hacks into drivers records to assist government cases.
    Story: Officials hacked into their own computer system changed the simple duplicate license application to change of name in a successful effort to prevent the plain tiff from entering the federal courthouse for nearly three -months. He eventually lost his case. Connection to “Entire System”: By Preventing Mr. Allums From having any ID it affected lost his case as he was prevented from entering the building to fight hos case for nearly 3 months. Case Was lost. Conclusive? Yes, Due to Actual Driver’s License Receipt - available Upon Request Audit Grade: Fail

    4) EIN Presswire
    Headline: EIN Newswire denies hero who stops elderly and female librarians from being attacked then takes half of his money when he questions their repeated lies.

    Story: They made him spend an entire day making changes. Then Told Him they made a mistake and the changes he made were useless. Then told Him to revise and when he agreed told him to star over from scratch. When he points out that that isn’t procedure, Kimberly then agrees and says never mind go ahead and adding now, that I don’t need to start from scratch. When he asks her why she lay, she hangs up in his face. When he Tries to edit it, they tell him HE is a problem and that his news release won’t be allowed. When he asks for his money back, they only give him half and state he should have used 10 of them by now despite this wasn’t the case a day earlier thus keeping hundreds of dollars of his money.

    Connection To “Entire System”: Simple – They stop the Exposition of the story just like the media did in 2017 when gymnast story broke. No one covered it but when it broke during the Olympics the media was forced to cover a story that should have been big 4 years earlier. Conclusive? Yes, Due to Emails, Actual cancellation, complaint letter with allegations staffs never denied instead responded by cancelling membership and keeping his money.

    Audit Grade: Fail

  • 5) University of California, Berkeley Part 1 – January 31, 2021 Headline: University of California Graduate and alumni stops assault of two female students – University and or related personnel retaliates against heroic act.
    Story: Alumni Dennis Bruce Allums stops multiple crimes culminating on January 31st, 2021, when he stopped the assault of two college coeds next to Kings donuts. The assailant had attacked numerous other UC students and personnel but was always released or even worst, ignored. That is until January 31st. The assailant got away as Mr. Allums searched every day for him until he caught him and got him to confess on video tape. Not only did the University ignore the confession it put out warnings that he and not the assailant was the danger. Plaintiff sued case was dismissed by plaintiff. Connection to “Entire System” Auditor believes it wasn’t the University mandate as much as university negligence in not putting more emphasis to separate themselves from the scheme put forth by federal agents.
    Conclusive? Yes, The Plaintiff Actually Located the Criminal Days Later and Then Got Him to Confess on Camera. All the University/Federal Agents/ City of Berkeley or UC Police had to do is contact Mr. Allums place an email to the students asking for the two victims to come forth. Even worst, this is the second time. The exact same thing happened in 2018 and as a result a female student/employee had acid poured on her face by Williams Kearney, a known abuser of women and children. Mr. Allums had stopped his assaults dozens of times and was chased off him by UC police allowing Mr. Kearney the freedom to strike.

    Audit Grade: Fail

    In Summary: 1) SFPD who lied 2) DMV who hacked into its own computers 3) OPD who after almost being killed Officer Camera laughed at him when he tried to file a police report, asking, “What Are You Going to Do, Sue Him?” It’s all in the official complaint. 4) EIN Newswire – Helped Federal traffickers in many ways. Repeatedly sabotaged his release, then told him to start from scratch, then lied about it that then blocked his release then kept more than half of his money as penalty of their wrongdoing. 5) University of California, Berkeley - Instead of using plaintiffs’ heroism to protect their students, faculty and staff, they did nothing in which helped Federal agents cause.

                                                                WHATS THE CONNECTION? – 
                     Thus, All Five components Failed Audit as It relates To Acting Appropriately in dangerous or violent situations involving women and children and all Play Recent Role in the “Entire System of (Child) Abuse”

    Don’t want to Wait for the Releases? Get a Jump on all 25 releases by Watching Video “The Dennis Allums Story” Available at www. Godvssatan. org A Well Documented Account that Includes testimony from police, police chief’s senators, women and child victims of abuse as well as FBI agents - All with the same conclusion a system of abuse exist and the abuse ranges from child abuse to murder of American citizens and more.

    Learn More Beginning Next Week or: Phone: 510-962-9243 Email: lawsuit19@gmail.com Address: Dennis Allums 1831 Solano Ave. #7152 Berkeley California 94707 Donate to The Legal Team at: GodvsSatan.org or DennisAllums.com Join Facebook Group: “People vs system of Abuse” if You want It Stopped today!! No Response Usually Means Federal Interference Keep Trying.


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