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Published 3 years ago with 4 Comments

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  • Ajwerth

    I'm excited to not get killed by shotguns from 50 feet away. The BH nerf is really stupid though, seems like it will be pointless to use it after the update. The IB nerf seems not needed too. The rest I think I'm on board with even the GHorn, I mean its awesome, but you shouldn't be able to kill bosses as easily as you can with it, you cant argue that its super OP right now. But yay! We can use ARs again!

  • Grundy

    I'm hoping Red Death and Bad JuJu will be up there once the Hand Cannons get their nerf. Thorn has been really annoying in the Crucible and Iron Banner. GHorn I could care less about. I finally got one about a month ago, and its definitely OP. I think it will still be used, because damage is still going to be good, but just not as reliant on for people LFG's

  • BlankWindow

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Hard Light may become a serious contender for top dog in PvP. No damage fall off is a considerable buff when paired with increased stability. Can't wait for some of these to take affect.

    • the7egend

      Yea, the gun is already the best PvP Auto Rifle currently, it's really getting a huge buff when you think about it.

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