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Published 7 years ago by the7egend with 1 Comments

Destiny House of Wolves: The State of The Crucible (Sucks)

Datto talks about the State of The Crucible.


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  • BlankWindow (edited 7 years ago)

    I think DATTO saying 1 out of 20-30 attempts against a blink results in a kill without dying is pretty telling. Thorn in normal Crucible isn't so bad, annoying yes, game breaking, no. In Trials, on the other hand, it is brutal. I have a win percentage in the 80's in Trials and the other 20% is probably mostly handed to me by teams that run 3 thorns and two leaders of the pack. If you just stick in a little cluster at a good position you can force the other team to come at you. Which is damn near suicide for them. I don't really expect a balance patch until the dev team has finished balancing the current weapons with TK. At which point the community will quickly find a new endgame meta, unless the coming weapons are as weak as TDB.

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