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FAQ: Snaps

FAQ about snaps, and how to create them.

  • A new guide on how to quickly and efficiently share links and media on Snapzu is now available. We recommend anyone interested in posting or creating content on Snapzu to check it out.

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      What is a snap?

      A snap is a user-created hub serving content for other members to view, comment, vote, and participate in. It can be as simple as a single link, image or video, but it can also be made more complex by adding multiple elements together.

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      Can I create snaps?

      Yes, that is the whole point of this website! Each snap you post will earn you XP that will help you advance to the next level.

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      How do I create a snap?

      A green button called "Submit" is located in the top menu bar (just to the right of the Snapzu logo). When clicked, you can either enter a URL to share, or create something from scratch. You can also use our bookmarklet to submit things on the go when browsing other sites.

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      What is the difference between a link and native snap?

      A "link" snap consists of a link to another website, while a "native" snap consists of locally hosted text, image or embedded video. Link snaps are quick and easy to post and share, but native snaps typically receive more acclaim (and votes) due to the higher amount of time and effort to create.

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      What are snap types?

      Snap types distinguish different types of snaps for better organization and easier discovery. You can browse or create snaps based on these available snap types: Analysis, Current Event, Deal, Download, Expression, How-to, Image, Interactive, Question, Review, and Video.

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      What are modules?

      Every snap consists of various modules that are combined together to create a unique page of content. These include text, image, video, link, list, gallery, and map. More modules such as debate and polls will be added as the service expands.

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      What is the difference between regular modules and social modules?

      Regular modules, which are the building blocks and vital components of a snap, include the text, link, image, video, RSS, poll, and map modules. Social modules, which include more community based features encouraging user participation, include the list, and gallery modules.

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      How many tribes can I submit a snap to?

      Each snap can be submitted to up to 5 tribes, depending on your experience level. All new accounts can submit up to 3 tribes, which goes up to 4 at level 15, and to 5 at level 24. A minimum of 1 tribe is required when publishing a snap. You should always try to submit to as many relevant tribes as you can to maximize the exposure of your snap.

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      Can I post mature (NSFW) content?

      Yes, we allow content intended for a mature audience, however it will need to be labelled using the NSFW check box. This type of content is not shown on the Front Page grid.

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      Can I add additional tribes to a snap I have already published?

      Yes, each snap has up to 5 slots (depending on your level). You can go back into your snap once it has been published and if you have the available tribe slots you can add additional tribes to your snap.

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      What is the difference between snaps and text posts?

      A snap belongs to the person that created it. No moderator or chief can ever completely delete someone's snap, but they can remove it from their tribe. Only the original creator (or in certain cases, a Snapzu admin) can completely remove it. Snaps can be submitted into up to 5 different tribes, and can appear on the front page. Snaps generally require a bit more information when being submitted, such as title, introduction (optional), cover image (optional) and snap type, and it's purpose is mainly to share links, images, and videos with the community.

      A text post is designed to be simple to make and is mainly used for creating discussions within a single tribe. It belongs to the tribe that it was submitted to, and can be moderated by the chief or a moderator of said tribe.

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      How are tribes recommended?

      To help you effortlessly submit a snap into a number of different but relevant tribes, we have created what we refer to as the tribe recommendation engine, or TRE in short. TRE collects relevant action words using parsing technology every time a snap is created. Action words are added up and assigned values based on their location within the content parsed (i.e. Title, Introduction, Body Text, Meta Tags, Meta Description). Each time a snap is published, a list of action words is generated and then depending on the tribes selected, injected into the action word values of each tribe updating them with each new snap. Over time, each tribe has a list of core action words that are intelligently assigned 'significance values' due to their ability to match the content of the snaps within the tribe.

      Action word clouds are generated for each tribe, and are cleared of common words like “if, how, and when” then sampled for broad use action words that tend to be used in a vast number of tribes. In general, there is a number of operations that assure that the TRE functions as effectively as possible when recommending the most relevant tribes. As more snaps are created and posted into a specific tribe, the TRE will get more accurate with its recommendations.

      It is important to provide as much tags and details within your snap to help our algorithm help you with tribe recommendations!

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      How do you make recommendations for "You may also like these older snaps" located on the bottom of each snap?

      Using the SRE (snap recommendation engine), Snapzu parses particularly popular words within each snap into action words. Once parsed, we process those action words using a number of weight parameters retained from content specific locations and assign importance that help select the most accurate related content.

      You will notice that if you visit a snap where the main topic (for example) is “Lions” which is generally about nature, you will see additional recommended content about that same topic. This allows the system to recommend snaps about lions, and or other animals (i.e tigers, hyenas, etc.), or nature in general. As the amount of snaps published increases the SRE algorithm will index more action words, and the system will not only become better at recommending related snaps, but it will become more accurate in it's recommendations due to the sheer number of additional snaps it has processed.

      It is crucial that snaps are being accurately recommended so that we can increase the amount of snaps a user will find relevant to the content they are browsing.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • Daedaldan

    I've created a new tribe and I was wondering if there's any way I can add existing snaps published by others to it or do all additions have to be published again?

  • PickledRhino

    What is a simple way to add an RSS feed to a post? Thank you!

  • spacedingo (edited 10 years ago)

    I was wondering if I could save a snap posted by another user until I read about my snapzine, where I soon discovered the answer is yes.

    • teamsnapzu

      We're glad you found the snapzine functionality!

  • toonholechris

    "Link snaps are quick and easy to post and share, but native snaps typically receive more acclaim (and votes) due to the higher amount of time and effort to create."

    I'm a comic creator and would like to participate by sharing original content. However, I'd like to link my own site so that I can share in the traffic. I think it's a lot more work creating my own site, creating comics, and then creating links to said comics. Is there any distinction between just linking to something you found and sharing something you've made?

    You guys have the potential to be the answer to places like FunnyJunk and 9gag. By sharing traffic with creators, they'd want to participate, generating more community for Snapzu.

    How much are link snaps throttled as opposed to native snaps?

    • teamsnapzu (edited 9 years ago)

      Hi toonholechris and welcome to Snapzu!

      To answer your question, there is no difference between linking your own content vs someone else's content because at the end of the day, both scenarios are considered a link snap (a link to content hosted elsewhere).

      What you can do however is create the content(like you would do for your own site), and host it directly on Snapzu by creating native snaps containing said content and then giving yourself a link within the native snap to your website. You can do this by using the source function to give yourself credit as the original creator. If you're hosting something as simple to share as a comic, creating a native snap by uploading a single image (or multiple images for that matter) is not a time consuming task. I would imagine the most labor intensive work was to think up the idea, sketch out the comic and then bring it to life.

      As for throttling, we don't do any of that, all snaps are treated equally when it comes to votes.

  • Teska

    When using the "Snap it!" feature on my browser, it gives me the option to store the link/snap as a Draft. But ... where does this draft get saved to? I can't seem to find it.

    • Teska

      Nevermind, I found it! But it would be good to add a link, or small guide on where to find stored drafts.

  • Bastou

    Is there a way to modify a snap type after it has been published? I often forget to assign it before publishing and I didn't find a way to change it back afterwards.

  • rti9

    It would be helpful to add the info on how to manage/delete your snaps. I recently had to delete one and had to ask on the Lounge. Thankfully nebraska helped me.

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