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Published 5 years ago with 1 Comments

FAQ: Text Posts

FAQ about Text Posts, and how to create them.

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      What is a Text Post?

      A text post allows a user to start a text based discussion on a certain topic within a single tribe. Unlike a snap, a text post requires significantly less effort to create. It can be "stickied" within a tribe by the chief, an option not available for snaps.

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      What is the difference between Text Posts and Snaps?

      A snap belongs to the person that created it. No moderator or chief can ever completely delete someone's snap, but they can remove it from their tribe. Only the original creator (or in certain cases, a Snapzu admin) can completely remove it. Snaps can be submitted into up to 5 different tribes. Snaps generally require a bit more information when being submitted, such as title, introduction (optional), cover image (optional) and snap type, and it's purpose is mainly to share links, images, and videos with the community.

      A text post is designed to be simple to make and is mainly used for creating discussions within a single tribe. It belongs to the tribe that it was submitted to, and can be moderated by the chief and/or moderator(s) of said tribe.

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      How can I create a Text Post?

      All tribes have button located near the top of the right bar called "Start a discussion". Clicking this button will load a popover where you can create a text post to start a discussion within a tribe.

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      How do I "sticky" a Text Post in my tribe?

      If you're the active chief or moderator of a tribe, you will notice an "Add to Sticky" button in the top right corner of the content column of your tribe. Click the button & copy/paste the URL to the text post you wish to sticky. Snaps cannot be stickied.

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      What kind of content can I post in a Text Post?

      Content in text posts is text based and usually no more than 2500 characters. Members compose text posts to start discussions, ask questions, write about experiences and just generally post a text based message that is up for discussion. Text posts should typically not be used to link to articles, or other content on the web, since that's what Snaps are for.

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      Can I edit a Text Post once I have posted it?

      You have 15 minutes to edit the title of your text post, after which the edit option will become unavailable. You can edit the content within the body of your text post at anytime.

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      Is there a way I can view all of my Text Post history?

      No, at this point there is no central listing area for Text Posts. This option is expected to be available soon.

  • More Questions?

    If you have any additional questions you feel need to be answered in this FAQ, please post in the below comments section. We are constantly looking to update this section!


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  • DJVee (edited 4 years ago)

    If I remove a sticky, does it delete the post or simply unsticky it?

    EDIT: I tried it and was relieved to see it simply makes the sticky a normal post again.

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