[WP] A boy pretends that he is an astronaut and that the world surrounding him is a new planet in order to help him cope with concepts he doesn't understand.

Not sure what else to put here but this is my first post! Have fun.

5 years ago by JSneak with 6 comments

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  • BilboSwaggins

    A gut-wrenching snarl echoed across the ship, a hideous thing of climaxing intensity. The lone crew member tore his eyes away from the untamed planet below, frantically sprinting to the ship's core. As he ran through corridors and airlocks, his mind raced: "boarders? a core meltdown? piarates?" He threw open the final door, only to stagger backwards in shock. The ship was tearing itself in two. The signs had been obvious, he realized. Hairline fractures becoming ugly scars over years, misalignments buckling under the strain, an unstable situation likely to fail. The halves of his ship were incompatible, not meant to be stitched together, and now they were failing at last. With a final roar, the spacecraft became two. Tim sat down and wept.

    Susan stared out of the window, where her son wept in the lobby of Manfred and Smith, a NASA cap pulled across his face.

    "How can we do this to our Timmy?" She murmured. Mark turned to gaze beside her. "It's breaking his heart," she continued, "couldn't we have left him with Roger or..."

    Mark cut her plea off. "We both know that we can't protect him from this. It's ugly, but nobody can hide from it."

    Susan and Mark's eyes locked, seven years of marriage between them. They would do this last thing as one. Together, they strode into the tastefully decorated lobby of Manfred and Smith, and embraced Timmy.


    Thanks for reading my first WritingPrompts submission! I'm not a very good writer, but I hope I can inspire more talented people to write some better stuff. Let's make this tribe awesome!

    • Aevitis

      Great stuff, I love it!

      • BilboSwaggins

        Thanks! Really enjoying the space theme, hoping someone can do it better!

  • Wenjarich (edited 5 years ago)

    Station Officer Nicholas sat, the fluorescent light buzzing in his ears. It had been 56 days since he had left the command center, or rather had been taken. He hadn't even had time to reach for a blaster before the white aliens came for him. His commanding officers, Missions Officer Margret and Defense Android David, had simply watched as he had been dragged out of his cabin and into the transfer pod and strapped down for launch. They must have known they were outnumbered, they were devising a plan to come get him, they must be! When he was just a cadet his DA had said to him, "S.O Nicholas, I want you to know, that no matter how far into the outer sectors you find yourself, no matter what trouble you're, we will come for you!"

    89 days since his capture and still no sign of his commanding officers. It was getting harder to remain strong, to hold onto his resolve. The white aliens had continued their experiments on him, their lack of mouth and rubber hands really unsettled him but it was those needles that drove the knife of fear into his very soul, and those brain droid capsules they made him take, the ones that made him loose track of his own thoughts, made his body numb. His eyes darted around the white windowless cabin they kept him in. He could still see no way out. Perhaps the CO's were appealing to the galactic council for reinforcements for a rescue mission. Yes they would come for him.

    103 days since capture. Nicholas had almost escaped three days prior, he had managed to fake taking the droid capsules enough times to regain control, so he was able to get hold of one of the many probing tools the aliens use on him during one of their experiments. He had struck out in relief to have a semblance of control again, even if it was simply of the sharp point at the end of the probe in his hand. He had been surprised to see that the aliens bled red, but then realised that there was no justification for why it should more likely be something else. After all no one had seen an alien bleed till now. His escape had got him as far as one of the emergency pods in the launching bay. He could still remember the joy at the thought of seeing his officers pride when he returned, their pride for proving to be the soldier they'd trained him to be. Then the larger combat aliens caught up to him, managed to contain him in the white ectoplasm that forced his arms around to his back. His spirit was nearly broken. Where were they, had his planet been defeated? Was he the last of his kind?

    Nicholas sat up with a jolt, those voices, he knew them! It had been 136 days since his capture, he had all but given up hope on rescue. He had spent the last week staring at a spot on the perfectly white wall, willing a dirt spot on it, even just for that tiny victory against the aliens. But those voices, he knew them, had the day truly come? Had they breached the alien defenses? His heart leapt as the sounds grew louder. His hope finally stoked once more. The observation monitor the aliens used to look in on him turned on and within a millisecond he felt his heart skipped from hope to confusion to despair. It was indeed them, but why was M.O Margret wailing as in pain? Why was the ocular lubricant leaking down D.A David's face? Had they been captured too? It was only then that he noticed the alien standing next to them. As they turned to talk to the alien, it finally dawned on him, his Commanding officers were turn coats, they had aided in his capture, the...

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  • uSansSnoo

    Wait... you want us to rewrite Calvin and Hobbes?

  • Aevitis

    Post any non-prompt response comments/questions as a reply to this comment.