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Weekly Question - Resources

Hello worldbuilders. You have been wonderful so far, posting and commenting and I want to thank you all. Anyways this is the launch of a new little thing for the tribe called The Weekly Question (name isn't sure yet). This will be a weekly segement published by me or perhaps a moderator asking a question about a certain subject to get some discussion going (and to give you a chance to self indulge a bit)

Without further ado let's get to this week's topic:

-What resources are important in your world? -Why are they important? -What are their properties? -How are they obtained? -How rare are they?

And whatever other things you want to tell us.

If you are new to worldbuilding take this question as an opportunity to make something up and get thought going.

Looking forward to hear your answers!

3 years ago by Snowybird77 with 2 comments

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  • tarso (edited 3 years ago)

    Food: One of the most important resources in the world is food, and husbandry is probably the biggest industry in the world. Peasants work the land, producing wheat (which is processed into flour at windmills and watermills), vegetables, dairy products, meat. Many peasants worship Chandalla, the Grain Goddess. Fishermen catch fish and hunters hunt for food in the wilderness and forests.

    Salt: Salt is highly valued and important for the preservation of meat as it keeps it from rotting. Salt is gathered at salt marshes.

    Fabrics: Peasants also produce wool, cotton and linen, which are important because they are used to make clothes.

    Lumber: Lumber is used for fuel (glass and brewing industries and fires to heat the household) and for building castles, temples, homes, ships, mills, barrels. Large amounts of forest is being cut down and many kingdoms face deforestation problems.

    Coal: Coal is mined and used as fuel, most importantly in the blacksmiths.

    Metal: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Iron are important metals. Copper Silver and Gold are used as currency and valuable decorative items, and Iron is used for making tools and weapons.

    Adyrium: This radiant crystal comes in three colors: Red, Blue and Green. Adyrium is magical and hazardous to most mortal races. Most mages carry a piece of Adyrium either in a staff or amulet, which allows them to cast spells.

  • Grassgrows

    The thing is, in my universe, things such as all those various resources are not a crucial thing to think or worry about. When I present the idea, or the mechanic of my world to my reader, I want them to skip that "What will we gather to eat today in order to survive. What is the chemical compound of that thing over there?" and really just think about the entertaining part of my universe.

    The reason I decided to create that universe is so that I can live out my fantasies and all those fun and entertaining theories, string them together and pretend that there is a world out there that works as I say.

    (food: rice farms everywhere, fishing is very popular because the oceans are freaking ginormous)