Do you have one or multiple worlds?

On the reddit I sometimes see people taling about 'one of my worlds' and I find that weird, because to me worldbuilding really needs a lot of work and I do not think you can succesfully combine that with having multiple worlds. What are your thoughts on this?

8 years ago by zandland with 6 comments

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  • Kayzaks

    I like to work on multiple worlds at the same time that differ in their Overall history/layout/etc. All These worlds are only an intermediary step towards my "actual" world.

    The reason is fairly simple. Different constellation of Land / Nations / History / Characters help me find new ideas and the best get put into the big Project.

    In other words, at some point all my small worlds will be annihalted.

    • thenatesummers

      I like this. It kind of reminds me of what Marvel is currently doing where they're taking their best characters and putting them all in the same brand new world. When I stumble upon a great idea in one world I definitely think, "Could I fit it in my main one?"

  • Snowybird77

    Well I have just the one science fiction-ish world but some of the planets have a primitve "pre space age" timeline too more akin to fantasy. It's like having a bunch of worlds and throwing them together to interact.

  • wulfboy01

    I write my story in both the "real" world, which is still fictional and "Faerie," my alternate world. Essentially two worlds.

  • thenatesummers

    I have my main world/universe. After that I have multiple home-brew worlds for D&D campaigns that I run. Some ideas are just too good and you can't fit them in a pre-existing world so make a new one that will develop alongside the others.

  • Grassgrows

    In my universe I imagine there are two sorts of "worlds". One, is the normal, everyday, present world that is inhabited as usual, and there is also a second one, which I like to call the "past plane". Reasons being that it is the exact same world, but one that took place eons ago, with some specific characters being alive, not being dead now like in the normal present world.