Weekly Question - Biggest War

So welcome back to the weekly question! This time around let's get historical:

What was the biggest war that ever happened in your world?

Who were the major and minor players?

How did it happen?

Why did it happen?

What was the outcome?

Any other things you wanna tell?

5 years ago by Snowybird77 with 2 comments

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  • TehGreenMC

    I don't have a name yet for this event so I'll just call it "The Great War" for now. I'll divide the war into several parts as it's probably going to be a rather long text.

    The Fall of Atura
    The Great War officially started when High King Lokir Noval of Atura defeated King Gustaff Travat of The Western Isles in single combat. He ultimately decided to let him live, a decision that Gustaff did not take lightly (in Aturan culture, letting someone live after they were defeated in single combat is equal to saying "You're not worthy of my blade, go live in shame"). As said before, Gustaff was anything but happy with this decision and wanted revenge. He hired a Necromancer to take care of Lokir and conquer his realm for him. Necromancer's in my world are direct servants of Mhar Thôll, the God of Death. The Necromancer slowly built an army of the dead and started his conquest, not with Lokir's realm, but with The Eastern Isles, ruled by King Prosemor who was like a brother to Lokir. Lokir and his son oldest son Rikkard prepared to lead an army to help them out as soon as possible. But it was too late already, by the time they arrive on the Isles, all they could do is watch as an army of raised Prosemor soldiers marched their way. And with them was Horik Prosemor, killed then raised again. It is probably at this point that Lokir started to lose his mind. Of further events on the Eastern Isles, not much is known, only that Lokir started to blame Rikkard for Horik’s death and that he led Rikkard and a part of his own army into an enemy ambush only so that he himself would have enough time to escape the Isles. Once back in Atura, he made every man swear silence about what happened there. He made it back home and told everyone Rikkard died in battle. Lokir then proceeded to gather every seaworthy ship in Atura and get as many people on them as possible. He then set sail with half of his population on ships. The other half… he left to The Necromancer’s non-existing mercy. Non-existing indeed... as soon as Lokir was driven out, The Necromancer turned on Gustaff and conquered his realm as well in the name of Mhar Thôll.

    The Conquest of Aramor
    Lokir’s first stop was Cerith, where he asked Emperor Bartho Dukos I for a place that his people could live. The Aturan Opression was however still fresh in the memories of the southern Lords and the Aturan culture was generally not welcome in Thalas. In a mad rage, Lokir sailed his people to Cliffora, the previous seat of power of Bartho Dukos and still the place where his family lived. Lokir managed to take the city entirely by surprise and captured it after a short battle. Despite the protest of his children, Lokir excecuted Bartho’s wife and sons and sent him their heads. This “gift” made Bartho Dukos completely mad, and he immediately sent a big portion of his army west towards Lokir, completely neglecting his other war with the North-Thalas Confederacy. Bartho’s attempts to take back his lands were easily stopped by armies on either sides. When the North-Thalas Confederacy took Cerith from Dukos, he was killed by how own men during a revolt in his army camp. The war was now between the two remaining factions, The New Thalas Confederacy led by Emperor Anteros Monraso II and Aramor led by King Lokir Noval I. He had named his newly conquered lands after after the biggest city in the region and he had renamed that city to Prosemor, in honor of his fallen friend. Lokir’s army was, however...

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    • TehGreenMC (edited 5 years ago)

      Continueing from previous comment...

      The Pirate Wars
      Some years later, a merchant from Migarom claimed he had recognized the Aturan Prince Erikar on a pirate ship and he had reported this to King Jornim IV of Migarom. Jornim and Lokir had been disputing lands for a while then and Jornim now saw a reason to attack Lokir over them. He publicly declared a war over trade disputes (believing that Lokir was funding, even helping the pirates to cripple the Migarohm economy) but in reality he wanted lands back. Jornim was very surprised to find pirates siding with him in the first battle of this war that came to be known as The Pirate Wars. The pirates, being led by Pirateking Colbert on his ship The Scarlet Drake, Erikar Noval on his ship Cartox, Jorik Clyff on his ship Wolfsbane and Homir Clyff on, came in in the middle of the battle and flanked Lokir’s fleet. Lokir recognized his son and commanded his commanders to sink his ship and kill Erikar. They managed to set fire to Erikar’s ship and while it sunk, Erikar went down with his ship but was later carried on board of Colbert’s ship. The pirates were able to do enough damage to Lokir’s fleet that they ended up fleeing. The battle was won. Lokir, knowing that his son was still alive, commanded a second fleet to be built and only five months later, Lokir’s fleet (Lokir himself stayed in Prosemor this time) set sail towards war with Migarom again. The pirates did yet again come to help, but thise time using different methods. They lured a portion of Lokir’s fleet in an ambush while the other part was baing handled by King Jornim. Many, even the pirates, were starting to get enough of these battles so Erikar, Jorik and Homir chose to take the risk and assassinate King Lokir. Prosemor was a city built in the middle of a lake, the only way to get in or out was by boat and everyone was being checked thoroughly in all of Lokir’s madness. They searched long for a way to enter the city without raising alarm, until they found Leyana. She was the daughter of the Ahm of Caelora and had come all the way to Prosemor for the same reason as Erikar and the brothers Clyff. To get revenge on King Lokir. Her sister was Allaya Ahmdòr and she was in Cerith the moment Lokir opened the water gates. They managed to enter the city in a veil of darkness casted by Leyana and they entered the palace by taking out the guards. They ran into Lokir and Katara, Erikar’s brother and sister, and explained the situation to them. After hearing the truth and discovering all the lies their father had been feeding them, they agreed that this had to end. They all arrived in Lokir’s bedroom, and that’s when Lokir knew his life would end right there. He looked his son in the eyes one last time, distracted by the metal contraption that now existed where once his left arm had been. Then Jorik shot him in the shoulder with a poisoned bolt, and they all left the room while King Lokir I’s reign ended in poison and blood. Erikar Noval, who was now the legal heir to the throne, refused to accept the position that eventually made his father mad so his younger brother Lokir took the title, becoming King Lokir II of Aramor.

      The Landing on Zalynn (Because the Necromancer hasn't been doing nothing all this time)
      Back on Atura, The Necromancer had been hunting down survivors and raising them in his army for a couple years now. In Service of Mhar Thôll, he had promised to add all of Zalynn (the northern continent, wher...

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