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Hello veteran worldbuilders, casual builders and newbies alike. Welcome to the new community. I hope that this community will be an inclusive and welcoming one where everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their passion. Remember the rules and etiquette, post what you want and most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your stay

5 years ago by Snowybird77 with 4 comments

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  • Grassgrows

    I have no idea what this world building actually is. Can someone please explain to me?

    • Snowybird77

      It's basically just that- creating a world. Drawing a map, making cultures, making up characters it just concerns building a fictional universe or setting. Fantasy, scifi, horror, anything goes. If it's a fictional world and you are building it it's worldbuilding. It very broad and has a wide range of genres and creative possibilities.

      • Grassgrows

        Oh I see, thank you very much for answering my question! I think I would like to create my own universe, that would be my very first time. How would I go on about starting?

        • Snowybird77 (edited 5 years ago)

          Well depends on the genre. For a fantasy or even scifi world drawing a map of the planet/universe might be a good start. Once you have a map make up some political bodies. Then brainstorm for races, cultures, countries and other stuff. When you've filled some content in there will always be something new (especially if you wanna go in depth with history)

          If you're making some other genre say a teen drama or lovecraftian village horror I haven't got much experience. Maps are always the first thing I recommend and then filling the map with stuff seems to work for most things.

          Just ask me anything if you need more help. I'm here till I collapse from tiredness.