Hello Snapbuilders (that seems to be a thing) let's get this tribe back in action! Tell me about your world as a whole!

Fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalypse who cares!? New builders, let me know what you've been doing to start your world and old builders let's hear your incredible depth and hard work. Why did you make your world? What kind of world is it? How long have you been building? And what are you doing next?

8 years ago by Snowybird77 with 1 comments

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  • MrVelveteen

    My world is pretty close to a medieval Earth during the Eocene. So far I have several different regions that are pretty well fleshed out, but I still have to put everything together with a world map that makes all the pieces fit coherently. I've been playing with Photoshop a bit to get a map set up, but I'm pretty new to building outside of a pen and paper medium, so it's been slow going.

    Any advice on tutorials/guides for generating maps? I only need a rough outline to get things going, but the more detail I can work in the better.