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What are the sentient races of your world?

3 years ago by Snowybird77 with 1 comments

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  • tarso

    Here are a few from my previous world:

    Koroku Scholars say that the koroku share a common ancestor with the kanara. The koroku are a race of nocturnal humanoids who look like a cross between owl and human. Known as masters of stealth and climbing, the koroku live in hidden villages built in the treetops deep in the forests of Myrndur. Most koroku prefer to live isolated in the woods, away from bustling human society, but sometimes curious koroku venture out from the forest to experience the world of the daywalkers.

    Bhakiri The bhakiri are a race of proud and honorable humanoids with lion-like features and deer-like antlers who claim to be able to hear the Voice of Nature, which they call the Dru’uth. Most bhakiri live in the great Chiathtalar Forest in the land known as Chiath. For millennia, the bhakiri warred with the humans on the continent of Korthas, in an attempt to protect their forest realm from human expansion, but after the Drakennath, where dragons and draconians conquered Myrndur and enslaved everyone who wasn’t of draconian descendance, bhakiri have become a lot less hostile toward the other races, and it has become quite common for young bhakiri to venture out from the Chiathtalar to experience the world at large.

    Krimir Hailing from the island of Lashan, the curious krimir are a race of little furry humanoids standing about 3 foot tall with long pointed ears, born with an acute sense of the patterns of the Myst, that makes them able to know the future just a bit ahead. Scholars say they have evolved this ability, so that they could survive against the many deadly predators that they evolved among on the island of Lashan.