Need help deciding on a map

Hello! I decided to start my world off with a map, so after "accidentally" spilling coffee on six sheets of printer paper, I decided on two two that I liked! Although, my problem is choosing between the two. So, I need your help if y'all would be so kind :)

  • So the first one vaguely resembles a cat hunting as the main continent, with a whale at the bottom, and a fish below the cat. It was the first of ones I made that I actually enjoyed and I think it has a lot of potential for a lot of maritime societies! Map 1

  • The second map reminds me more of two vary large continents with a few large islands and a handful of tiny islands. I also think this has potential for a more epic world that has a lot of variation in its species, biomes, cultures, developments, and other key parts of worldbuilding. It was the last map I made and I was very proud of it at the time, but now the more I look at it I cannot unsee the similarities between the ASOIAF map. Map 2

5 years ago by QuinnTheEskimo with 6 comments

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  • tarso (edited 5 years ago)

    Hmm. I cannot help you choose between the two, as to me the differences between the two maps are insignificant until more is added to them, but I can however give you a suggestion: Now that you have the basic shapes of the landmasses try to make a second version of each map in a computer program where you draw the shapes to look more natural. Just a suggestion. And welcome to the tribe ;)

    • QuinnTheEskimo

      Any tips to help me make it in a computer program, I've never gotten too into GIMP or Photoshop haha

      • tarso (edited 5 years ago)

        I've seen useable maps done in something as simple as Paint, but I urge you to download GIMP (which is free) and try to get into that. Check out a few GIMP worldbuilding tutorials to learn a few tricks and play around for a few hours. You'll soon have something much better than a coffee-stained piece of paper ;) (not that it is a terrible technique I think it's a creative way of creating randomized landmasses but it needs to be further processed IMO)

        Edit: Or if you just want to get to the next step quickly just take number 2 (which I have a feeling is the one you prefer) and start worldbuilding with it :) You can always redo the map at a later point in time.

        • QuinnTheEskimo

          How obvious did I make it that 2 was my favorite haha. I'll most definitely install GIMP! :)

  • Snowybird77

    I like the look of map 2 a bit more and the landmasses have a lot of possibilities (the landbridge and the islands come to mind) but map 1 has some cool stuff as well like the islands between the continents. I'd go with 2 but it's your choice ultimately.

  • DrHouse

    I clicked on the links before reading your description and I didn't initially notice any similarity between Map 2 and Westeros/Essos!

    I also prefer Map 2, but would recommend you add more features to the large NE landmass to break up the uniformity (you're probably already planning that, though).

    One other suggestion I'd make is to complete your rough map and then set it aside. I find many people dedicate time to the surface details of their realm (geography, city names, country names, etc.) but then neglect the aspects that give a world its richness and vibrancy. I rarely look at the map in ASOIAF because I'm so engrossed in the cultures, traditions, legends, and peoples of Westeros. That's where a worldbuilder's focus should be, in my opinion.

    Of course, if it's your goal to just make an awesome map, then ignore the above! I look forward to seeing the final result.