What/Who are the divine beings in your world(s)?

Hey all, time for a discussion!

Most worlds have a god or goddess, or multiple gods? What are your world's?

Are they definitively real?

What are their names?

What are they god/goddess of?


Anything and everything you wanna share about your worlds' divines, please do!

5 years ago by Nextmastermind with 12 comments

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  • Snowybird77 (edited 5 years ago)

    I have no religions that are true but that doesn't stop there from being a lot of them. On of the smaller ones has the supreme godess "The Spirit Mother" or "Azsiyus". She created the world and then sent all the animals as spirits to assist the Midichii and watch over them. Of the main animals she created are the gods Myrtarc, Kurist and Polimantiyn taking the form of an eagle-like creature, a boar-like thing and a dragon-tiger mix thing respectively. Myrtarc is strength and endurance, Kurist is watchfulness and living in the moment and Polimantiyn is the supreme animal that rules over all others. It stands for leadership and as such is only worshipped by people in positions of power.

    • tarso (edited 5 years ago)

      Who are the Midichii?

      I like the animal spirits/gods (especially the dragon-tiger hybrid)

      Myrtarch - Eagle-like creature - Strength, Endurance

      Kurist - Boar-like thing - Watchfulness, Living in the moment

      Polumantyin - Dragon-tiger mix - Leadership

      Is the above combinations the right ones?

      • Snowybird77

        Yes that is right.

        The midichii are kind of like elf things. They are heavily humanoid and have hair as well. Their skin colours range from milk-white to light brown and everyone is born with a coloured forehead (green is common, orange is rare and looked up on). Their eyes are completely black and do not vary in colour. They live on the planet of Achilee and have many interesting technologies due to the unique minerals found on their world.

        • tarso

          Did Azsiyus create other sentient humanoids than the midichii or are the midichii the only sentient humanoids on Achilee?

          What is the culture of the midichii like?

          • Snowybird77

            Well according to the religion Azsiyus only created their planet and they are the only sentient beings there in general. The midichii of course don't have one culture among them but they do have traits. They are fond of hierachies and often the class divide is very obvious. They tend to be more religious as a whole than the other species of the universe and in most of their cultures the rare orange foreheads are special and looked up on.

            • tarso

              What purposes does the colored foreheads serve? I presume it is a biological feature of the midichii, and that it isn't something they've painted on themselves. Is there space travel between planets? What is the technology level of your setting?

            • Snowybird77
              @tarso -

              The coloured foreheads are like eye colours. Biologically they don't serve a purpose but the people make them important. There is indeed space travel between planets during my "main" timeline. I have the low tech pre space age timelines for many planets dealing with them before space travel was a thing when they were still primitive and the space age timeline where the different worlds interact and stuff. The technology level of this main timeline is quite a bit higher than ours in weapons, gadgetry and pretty much everything else (except for the lack of stuff like nukes) mostly due to the highly useful energy crystals powering basically everything.

  • redriy

    Now I haven't figures this all yet but I though about having anything living in my universe have a soul and the universe itself. Basically each soul is linked to something like the universe, a planet, a person etc. and each souls are "particles" of the soul above it in the hierarchy. So the 10 or so gods of my world would only be parts of the greater soul of the planet etc.

    The trick is that as you go deeper and deeper the power of the soul is weaker and you end up with mortal creatures at the end. Now this whole organization wouldn't exactly be known to the people of the world but it's something I set up for it. The mortals would just think of gods in the ways you'd expect but this leaves the possibility of different religions which I find more hard to explain in a world where gods can just manifest themselves precisely as a specific being.

    • tarso

      An interesting concept.

      Is magic also soul-based then?

      Can you give some examples of your gods?

      What is the name of your world?

  • Grassgrows

    In my universe there is a single supreme god, an ancient dragon that died many eons ago but has since resurrected his soul in a very specific entity; a Coconut.

    The name of the god is Kaa'Shak which is similar to the Russian word кашак which is an informal synonym for "cat", like "dude" or "guy" is to "person".

    • tarso

      A Coconut. Seriously? Hahah :D

      On another note, Kaa'Shak is a cool name for a dragon.

  • massani

    Ha, mine is super boring because it takes place in the near future (2056), so pretty much all the world religions still exist!